Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's try this again!

Hey Everyone!!!!

I started writing a blog 3 times last week. I was feeling icky and gross and they all seemed whiny. Who wants to read a whiny pregnant woman's ramblings? 

So, here I am! Its Tuesday, the snow is almost gone and that feels great! Today also marks my 3 year wedding anniversary, my Dad's birthday and what would have been my Nanny and Poppa's 53rd wedding anniversary. One heck of a busy day in our family.

3 years ago today, I stood on the white sandy beaches of the Dominican, with the people I loved most surrounding me and exchanged vows with Jordon. At that point we had been together almost 9 years, owned a home together, had a child together and everything else that goes along with those things. It was long over due but it was perfect. Low stress, no shoes and a great time.

I do!!!
This day also marks the beginning of the end of my Nanny's life. She had a stroke on her 51st wedding anniversary which ultimately led to her death a few days later. So, this is a bitter sweet day. I can only hope that marrying my husband on their special day will bring Jordon and I as many love filled years as this day brought them. My Nanny lives in my heart and forever will. She taught me more life lessons than I think she even realized. Plus she handed down to me, her love for cooking. She cooked from the heart and I do the same.  
Poppa and Nanny
All of that being said. None of that can take away from the other big part of this day. The birth of my father. My crazy, undeterred, brave, sometimes brazen, loud, outspoken, funny and lovable Dad. I have been told I am a little bit like him over the years and to be honest, I don't think that is such a bad thing. We don't always agree but I know he always loves and supports me. 

Love this man!
So, all of that being said. Jordon and I have yet to celebrate our anniversary. The first one was a bad year with everything that happened with Nanny.... The second year we had company and ended up doing beer and wings. So this year we decided it would be nice to head out and have a nice supper together. Saturday night, my oh so amazing day care provider, as well as great friend of mine, Melissa offered to take Kaylee for a sleepover. I loaded up Kaylee's bag with a couple newly downloaded movies, treats, jammies, and an Easter egg kit and sent her on her way. I took my time getting ready. Having a nice long shower, doing my hair and make up without hearing the "Mom! Mom? Mooom... Mom?" repeatedly. It was lovely. Jordon had a late afternoon nap before getting cleaned up and we hit the road. 

On our way down, looking over at my handsome hubby he says "I know we said we weren't going to get each other anything, and I am not going to get you some mushy card like you want... But if you reach under your seat, you will find a little something. I teasingly smack him because we had agreed no gifts, just a nice night out... I lean all the way over with bump and leaned back seat causing extreme difficulty and find a wrapped present. HE EVEN WRAPPED IT! Jordon hates wrapping and tries pawning his Christmas wrapping off on anyone willing. I am already impressed. I open it up and its an otter box for my iPhone. I am thrilled. I needed a new case. Its pink, its cute and when I start putting it on my phone....... It doesn't fit... I fiddle with it, and then look at the  box again... It is indeed the wrong size. "Jo, this is for an iPhone 5. Your going to have to take it back and get me the right one. Frig". Meanwhile I am thinking.... "dumbass, way to build up for a fail". He grins and says "Oh, well maybe I can help with that" before reaching behind his seat to pull out yet another wrapped present. I know immediately its a new phone. "WHATTTTTTTT". I didn't expect it. I was impressed and in awe of my hubby. He said after contemplating jewelry amongst other things, he thought... What do you use the most. My phone came to mind immediately. Well, I have to say, not only was I impressed with the gift. I was also impressed with the lead up and the wrapping. Good job hunnie. I too have something special for him. I however ordered it online and have no idea when it will be here...I hate that it's late but hope it is worth the wait. I will be sure to show you once it arrives :). 

Anywho.... We went down to The Keg. We generally splurge on The Keg about once a year. The atmosphere is so nice. You are never rushed and can I just say... That warm bread and whipped butter..... OMG YUM. Escargot, bread, steak, crab legs.... It was just awesome. 

We spent a couple hours chatting, eating and having drinks. May I recommend the virgin strawberry daiquiri there. Not too sweet, not too tart, just perfectly delish!  It was going on 11pm before we knew it. The emptying restaurant didn't give the time away, my incessant yawning did. We decided to head home. It wasn't long after, I was curled in bed in my fleece leopard pants (Canadian lingerie ya'll), Jordon's over sized t-shirt and probably snoring louder than I care to admit. 

7:30am... 7:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!! Not a peep until then. That is when the dogs started pacing as it was pee and breakfast time for them. Oh how nice uninterrupted sleep until 7:30am is. Melissa you are a god send and I will tell you 100 times thank you for taking Kaylee for the night. Hehe. 

I received a text that the girls were happily playing and not to pick her up til noon. Jordon headed to the gym and I blasted some country music while I cleaned my house. Pure awesomeness. Loved it. I was certainly happy to see my little munchkin at noon, even given her cranky and tired demeanor from her late night. We hung out together the rest of the day and got ready to take on another week. 

So, there you have it. :) What do you and your significant other do to celebrate anniversaries? More importantly, what would you give to have uninterrupted sleep til 7:30am if your a parent?? 

I leave you with this... My daily obsessions... Can't get enough of it... Work must think I am crazy for my always full fruit plate.  

Mmmmmmm.... Can't get enough.....

 And a little wedding day throw back photo dump! (because when else do you have a chance to look back other than on your anniversary)...
Look how little she was!!!
Group wedding shot!

 Have a Tasty Tuesday Ya'll!!!! And again,



**Thinking of you today and always Nanny- you too Poppa :)**


  1. Aww, what a lovely post! We celebrated our first anniversary last September by renting a cabin from Cottage Country in Windsor. It was lovely but we did two night versus one and it rained on the second day so all we did was hang out inside the cabin...we could have done that at home for free, with better wifi. This year I'm thinking of maybe going down to Lunenburg or maybe a weekend in Maine. We shall see :)

  2. This is a sweet post! Happy Anniversary!

    You are lucky to have such an amazing daycare provider! Wowie!

    We celebrate our wedding anniversary at home with two very excited Things on New Year's Eve! :D

  3. Congrats on your anniversary! And shout out to your husband for such a creative gift-giving surprise!