Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter Monday!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Wow what a weekend! It was a big one for us. Having a 4 year old and Easter is kind of a big deal. Kaylee was excited for about 2 weeks prior to this weekend. "How many days til the bunny comes Mum?". I would look down at those big brown eyes of innocence and tell her another week before he would come. I also never once hesitated to use him to my advantage. Telling her he only brought chocolates to little boys and girls who listened to their Moms and Dads and were well behaved. I love having these simple tools a couple times a year. 

So when this weekend finally arrived, Kaylee was bouncing. regardless of her 6am morning wake up, she was still fighting sleep for everything she was worth at 9pm. The kid is a trooper. I mean I was tuckered out. Waiting for her to fall asleep and then waiting a little while longer to make sure there was no jumping up from her. Finally, Jordon and I went to work putting eggs everywhere. When all the treats were hidden around the house, I decided a note was just what she needed to start off the day.  

Jordon and I went off to bed and come morning time, I was laying in bed, waiting for the little pidder padder of her feet. I laid in bed awake almost 40 minutes before the dog finally woke Kaylee up. She ran into my room excitedly. Wildly telling me, with arms flailing that there were eggs! She had been good and the Easter Bunny had come to our house! Seeing her that excited was the best feeling ever. We followed her back into her bedroom, put on her slippers, read her bunny note and then started the egg hunt. 
Sure is a good thing its her last year as an only child!

It never seizes to amaze me how fast it is all over. She ran around the house collecting eggs and other treats I had left out- rubber boots, new sneakers, a couple new outfits (all things she needed I swear) before she realized it was over and then what? Fortunately she spent the next hour playing with her new play dough while I cleaned up and made breaky. 
Look at all these shoes!!
This is what I picked up in one score!

Wayy too cute right?
In other news, so much is changing around our house. Aside from the fact that my little girl is becoming quite the little lady, I also am slowly expanding andddddd we are readying our home for our new addition. I know I have done this before, but in some sense, I feel like it is all new to me again. I picked up the BEST kijiji score last week. Adorable baby boy clothes. A LOT of them. So I spent Thursday night of a long weekend, washing and folding all these tiny little outfits. I don't ever remember Kaylee being so small... Hard to believe in a few months, I am going to have a new little human to hold. 

All washed and folded. Ready for a tiny human.
Jordon worked hard around the house this weekend. My kitchen is now painted! Another step in the process to finishing. We are ohhh so close and I just can't wait to be able to say it is done. So with the kitchen painted he moved on to putting an itty bitty fan in the baby room. There is no denying the bedroom is small. We knew that when we bought the house. Although looking back 6 years our state of mind was slightly different. 22 years old, looking for a bigger space for us and our furr kids, ready to party like rock stars... Ya we really didn't notice the size of the bedroom. Now Jordon keeps reminding me, the room is perfectly sized for a nursery. It is on the smaller size but it is all that we need. He is right... I keep reminding myself. Needless to say, we rearranged furniture in Kaylee's room, found her a new dresser on kijiji, moved the one from her room (that matches my crib) to the baby room and ta da! Suddenly things are coming together.
Looking a little more like a big kid room.

Kaylee's room looks a little more grown up with her own mirror, and the spare room that I have forever called "Dan's Room" because that's where our friend Dan lived with us for a year or so in the early house years, is now becoming a little baby boys room. 
A few toys, a snack, a blanket on the drive
way = "nic nic" (also known as picnic) for a 4
year old. :)

Cuteness is...
Also on this past weekends docket, craft time! I try and let this side of Kaylee have as much freedom as I can allow my ocd messy issues to tolerate. We made salt dough shapes with cookie cutters and when they were ready, I covered the dining room table with paper and we went to town painting. They are thumbprint salt doughs. I am going to make them into key chains for a few special people. What fun we had. It took well over an hour and a few giggles along the way.

I of course also cooked up a great big ham dinner. It was fabulous. Kaylee loves her mashed potatoes, and ham. She polished off her plate like her Daddy. We also made up a special plate for our favorite neighbor. He works out west and is home tomorrow. Thought it would be nice to come home to a home cooked meal in his fridge.
Ham, mashed potatoes, candy carrots, and
Easter eggs of course!

Craft time with Mum.

Other than that, outside play, spring cleaning and finding our new rhythm as the season changes and brings us longer and brighter days. 

How did you spend your Easter weekend? What are your special long weekend traditions?

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a great week ahead!

Until the next time Ya'll!!!! 

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  1. What a weekend! You were busy!

    We went outside to play every single day. It was great!

    Your "thumbprint" salt dough creations are awesome!