Thursday, March 20, 2014

Update- Here it is!!!!!

Holy Moly where has time gone! It has been an eventful couple of months since I last made contact with my internet blog world. It has been interesting, sad, exciting, frustrating, and exhausting.

Christmas was great! December was a month of parties! Kids Christmas party, 2 work Christmas parties, friends Christmas parties. Copious amounts of alcohol, laughs, love and not to mention  babysitter dollars. We spent a large majority of this month on the go. Quite the change of pace for the home body momma to be honest. Christmas day brought us the happiest, bright eyed little girl. It was by far our quietest Christmas ever. Just the three of us in our toasty little home in Halifax. There was no driving across Canada or worrying about flights. That being said, it was a little bit sad. I missed our family. I missed being able to cook a turkey with my Mom. Missed being able to let the children  play fight together. I loved being able to say that it was stress free, but stress free also equaled family free. I hope we do not have too many more of those to be honest.

I decided I was going to cook a turkey dinner regardless of the fact that their were only 3 of us. I spent a large part of the day in the kitchen, while Kaylee circled me playing with all of her new toys. Daddy was busy putting things together and playing with her in her brand new playroom Santa brought her! Dinner was a success. I do cook a mean turkey dinner, however there was soooooooo much food leftover it almost felt like a waste. I made turkey pot pies, turkey soup and sandwiches over the following days but my goodness, one turkey can make a lot of food. By the end of the day, we put on a family movie and were all passed out by 8:30pm.

Boxing day, we spent with the little family we do have here in Halifax. My Uncle, his wife and their girls live in the city and my Poppa was down for the holidays for a visit. We shared a beautiful brunch, exchanged gifts, and had our famous "Sunshines" (white wine and orange juice for those who are not familiar). The kids, his now older, 11, 13 and 15, entertained Kaylee while us adults enjoyed having time off work with no where to go. After spending most of the day there, we heading home so I could completely de-Christmas my house. I LOVE Christmas. But my goodness I love to see all that clutter and d├ęcor go back in the boxes. It could have something to do with pulling it all out way too early???? So yes, I am that crazy person you see with their tree at the curb on December 26th. Time to go! See ya later!

Friday the 27th, I was back to the grind. Work was calling. I really wanted to stay home with my two loves, but out the door I went. I knew I would be picking up my little sis late that night and it was enough excitement to get me through the day. I felt beat tired, cranky and excited all at once as I waited outside the airport at 1am for Jackie. It had been almost a year to the day since the last time I had seen her. Way too long to go between visits. She finally came out, after a little confusion about where I was and where she was. We shared a hug and a mutual "lets get in the freakin car! It's bloody cold out here!!!". Heading home we chatted like we hadn't been apart for more than a day. Realistically I suppose we chat via text almost daily, so I know what's going on in her life and vise versa. Upon arriving home, I helped her get settled in and called it quits shortly after 2am to head to bed.

I am sure at this point you are wondering.....WHY AM I TELLING YOU ALL THIS?!?!?!? CHRISTMAS WAS 3 FREAKING MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the next morning I woke up a different kind of woman. And I have been hiding my secret since then. I haven't wanted to write on here for fear of spilling the beans in some way or another.... Without further ado... As some have guessed and few have known....

That's right folks. Little miss Kaylee is going to be a big sister. I peed on that stick, it confirmed. I showed my sister first. I am so glad I was able to share that moment with her.

 I told Kaylee next (yep still a secret from hubby at this point) and then headed to the Walmart for some art supplies. We decided making t-shirts for Kaylee and Dad would be a fun way to tell him. I knew we were having a few friends over for drinks that night and I wanted to tell him before that. It didn't quite work out too well. You see hubby had been in man land AKA "The Doghouse" AKA his shed in the backyard, with a couple buddies drinking beer while us ladies were inside hard at work on our craft. When Hubby came in, and saw this-->

laying across our bed with Kaylee bouncing he said "What do you mean?". I started laughing. Kaylee helps out at this point and yells "MOMMY HAS A BABY IN HER BELLY DADDY!!!!!!" and continues bouncing on my bed. We then shared the moment I hope everyone does. We hugged and we kissed and laughed a little. Jordon swore he wouldn't tell anyone yet. After all it was BRAND new to just us. You know where I am going with this right??? 2 hours later when the guys came inside for a snack, they were all smiley at me. I knew right then that Jordon had spilled the beans. LOL. I guess they are two of our closest friends but still. Geez, guy can't keep a secret to save his life. All I can chalk it up to is him being happy and excited (the beer helped).

So that's my news Y'all. I told you Christmas was great- all those parties lead to.... Ha ha.  I have so much more to tell you. Like I said, there has been a vast amount of emotions felt over the last couple months. Ones I want to share and tell you all about. In another post... I am back folks. Secret is out and I am back to blogging. So check back regularly to hear all about- pretending to be hammered with all your friends at a news years party your hosting, being 7 weeks pregnant and loosing your job, looking for a new job, having a polar opposite pregnancy than the first one, finding a new job and settling into the new norm.

Have a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by!!