Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pregnancy Woes!

Well, how about that storm Halifax?!?! It was kind of crazy out there huh! I was one of the crazies that had to head into work out past the airport. Let me tell you, driving home just before lunch was awful. I was just happy to make it home safe and sound. 

Roads stunk!
On that note, I have hinted and maybe discussed at a minimum with a few people, that in January, just a few short weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I was laid off from my job. I was devastated. I took it personally and could not help but think about the horrible timing of it all. With my influx of pregnancy hormones, I left my office for the final time, went home and had myself a little cry. I needed it. It felt good. And then I moved on. I took the rest of that week to tackle a few chores that I had on a list of things to do before the end of the month. I clean out everyone's clothes closets, I deep cleaned the fridge and freezer, cleaned out all of my kitchen cupboards, cleaned out the linen closet and under the bathroom sink. Busy work....
Who me? I am not 17 weeks (at the time)
The following week, with a fresh set of eyes and clean house, I set out to find a job. I read articles and forums about whether or not to tell potential employers that I was pregnant. The consensus was I had no obligation to tell them and while they are not "allowed" to discriminate against you for being pregnant, chances are they will. So I opted not to tell anyone. I went to a lot of interviews, took IQ tests (ya- I kid ya not! Answer 50 questions, math language and problem solving, in 12 minutes- WTF). I accepted one job, and by the end of the day I could not get out of there fast enough. What a nightmare. What I learned however, I do not appreciate severe micro managing, ill mannered people (I mean really, what is the sense in being miserable) and not being at liberty to talk. I am a talker ya'll. I am a people person. Do not tell me to sit here, read this and be quiet for a day. Does not bode well with me.... Unless of course, I am curled in front of my fire place with a bottle of wine and a great book.... Wine... Why did I say wine. I do miss wine immensely. I digress.
This face makes my day!
Point to all of that, I did not go back the next day. I very politely emailed the manager and explained that it was certainly not the right fit for me. The job I had interviewed for early in the job search process and actually hoped to get more then the rest, actually called me back not too long after this. They decided to make me an offer and I accepted. So all in all, I was unemployed for 6 weeks. 

Sick little bear this past week...
The perk to it all... I was able to moan and groan and hug my own toilet for the many weeks of "morning" sickness I went through. I truly believe that this baby better pop out a dream baby. After the start to this pregnancy I have had, I need an easy baby. It did help me realize how easy my pregnancy with Kaylee was. For the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy with Kaylee, I only ever felt nauseous when I let myself get hungry. I also never felt like I was about to drop where I was at any given moment and sleep, like I do with this pregnancy.  Holy Moly this kid is putting me through the ringer. Now that the vomiting has subsided,  having a headache for 5 straight weeks has taken over. However, remain positive right? I am trying my darnedest.  

So where does that leave me now.... Well, I still have not told my new employer................ I know right?? I am terrified. I am coming up on my one month mark (tomorrow) and maybe I will tell him then. It is scary. It is a small office and they truly rely on the people they have working in it. Leaving them in peak season of he industry this summer is going to be difficult on them. There is also the fear of, will they find some way to get rid of me before then? So yes, I am procrastinating. Yes I am scared and Yes I know I have to do it..... Eventually.... 

This week, same day... Proud of the bump vs hiding
the bump.... Gotta love flowy shirts.
April 11th we go for our Ultrasound. Hopefully everything looks "normal". I said above the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy with Kaylee were easier then this one. After my 20 week ultrasound with her however, they advised me that her head was small. There are many things that this can equate to. The biggest being downs syndrome. The first time they told me that, they then brought Jordon and I down to a "family grieving room" to wait for a specialist. Seriously.... a grieving room... This began a long process of testing. I had amniotisis... This was a horrific experience. There were about 15 doctors and students in the room to observe. While it was not painful, watching the ultrasound monitor while they stuck a large needle in, carefully trying to avoid my small little baby was frightening. After everything..... You guessed it - it came back normal.Genetic screening- determined nothing. Genetic Counselling- again determined nothing. I had an ultrasound downtown every single week. Each week showing that my baby was in the under "tenth percentile" in her overall size and around the "sixth percentile" for her head size.  Until magically when I was 35 weeks pregnant.... Everything was normal. She was small but all of her proportions were normal. They told me I would likely have a small baby, to expect about 5lbs, however she looks perfectly normal. 15 weeks of HELL.....  The doctors are amazing. The nurses, even more incredible. I just believe that the technology they have allows them to determine even the minor differences. Which can set off alarm bells, as it did with us, that do not need to be set off.

Knowing all of that, I will certainly choose not to put myself through any of that testing, even if there seems to be a "Slight abnormality". My kid turned out to be an almost 8lb baby, healthy, happy and FULL of beans! 

So, April 11th, here is to finding out that all is okay and the possibility of whether or not you are a "he" or a "she". My sneaking suspicion is another girl. Why, I have no idea. After all this pregnancy thus far is polar opposite of my pregnancy with Kaylee. I still think it is a girl. My mother on the other hand is adamant it is a boy. That being said, I, like every expecting mother, wish for only a healthy baby. He. She. It really does not matter as "it" already owns a piece of my heart. 
18 week- pic yesterday... Maybe work
will just notice and I wont have to tell
So, tell me all you fellow Mom's out there.... Is there anything you wish you had done differently during your pregnancy? How about any tips on telling your boss?

Would love some feedback.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a Thrilling Thursday Y'all!!!



  1. Great post Jaym. Like you, I was terrified to tell my boss. And I agree, they say they aren't allowed to discriminate but it does happen. I waited and waited until I to was showing... I worked for an agency so I emailed them first, which then they emailed the company to let them know. The next day I pulled the big boss aside and asked to speak with him privately. Spilled the beans while sweating the whole time... Turned out he was totally happy for me. He to was a Father and understood that this is life and this is what happens. My supervisor however was more of a jerk but in the end his opinion didn't matter anyway. A few weeks before I left they had me train a replacement and Bu Bye!! I know it's hard but you can do it. It will help them to better prepare for your replacement.
    What I wish I have done differently during my pregnancy... I wish I had professional photos taken, or had one of those cute timeline photo series where I'm sitting on the bed and each pic shows my belly getting bigger until finally she's sitting there with me. Maybe next time (if). You should maybe see if Brian will do your professional photos!
    I wish your pregnancy gets better for you, and wish you a very healthy happy happy baby. Boy, or girl.... I vote boy :P

    1. Thanks for the support Momma. Here is hoping it goes well. I have spoken to Brian about photos and he is onboard :)
      Miss you so much!!! xoxoxo

  2. Weeee baby bump!!! I love baby bumps so much. I sometimes wonder what I'll look like with a baby bump. I have a feeling the girls are going to get huge though.. lol. I miss you and we need to get together soon!!

    1. Can't wait to see you with your own bump one day pretty lady!!! I have a feeling it will suit you just fine!! :) The girls are huge with or without pregnancy. LOL Lets plan a date! xo

  3. Wow! That is some wicked awesome "flowy shirt". Great choice! ;)

    Congratulations on the new job. I understand, all too well, the stress of looking for a job and starting in a new place. Yikes! As if the hormones and exhaustion aren't bad enough!

    I think you did the right thing. You sort of have to get in touch with the inner "Mamma Bear" when it comes to a situation like this. That teeny passenger is numero uno! :D

    I am sure it will all work out for the best in the end. Your new workplace will understand. (Or they won't.) You needed a job and you earned one! So yay!

    1. Hey there,
      Thanks so much for the words is wisdom. It is a tough spot to be in and here is hoping it goes well. My inner Mamma Bear us in full alert. Its amazing how things change over the years.
      Thanks again for the feedback!


      P.S. That "flowy shirt" is a god send sent to me straight from Reitmans. LOL