Friday, March 21, 2014

Kitchen Reno Rundown......

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

It is Spring (so they say) and I am feeling great. I am certainly looking forward to some warmer weather, cleaning up the front and back yard, and just spending some more time outdoors in the fresh air. I think everyone is looking forward to that. So after yesterday's post, I was thinking.... (No Dad it didn't hurt).... How on earth did I forget to tell you all that one of the things I wanted to (vent for days on)   touch base on was our kitchen renovation. I guess the whole "I'm pregnant!!!!" thing took over and it slipped my mind. Whoops!!!

That being said. How many people have undergone a major renovation lately? I know there are tons of people but my goodness, I feel like screaming from the roof top about it. It is a never ending job. Our "lets just knock out a wall and refinish the cabinets" has turned into a MUCH bigger job than expected.
How it all began....
I have said time and time again, that I may have a slight issue with clean. I like things tidy and well kept. Going into this process, I understood that this would not be as easy as keeping it clean. At least I told myself I understood. We began by ripping down the wall. Of course by we, I mean hubby did the work and I helped with the clean up and threw my two cents in where I saw fit. He is the cleanest handy man around and for that I love him even more. He did and continues to clean up his mess after each piece of this never ending project. That being said, his idea of cleaning up and mine, are slightly different.
What night #1 accomplished...
With the wall gone, it was time for the floor... We had old cracked white ceramic in the kitchen which I despised, and hardwood that had seen better days in the dining room. We ripped it all up to make it a uniform space. Picking out the tile was a night out for hubby and I. We scoured the stores looking for the perfect tile. Finally, last stop, not to mention the store we did not think we would find anything worth while at, I found my tile. I loved it. It was decided! For the next week, the hubby went about ripping up the old stuff, scrapping up the old grout and then laying a new subfloor. This alone proved to be a much bigger job than expected. The dust that comes up from ceramic tile smashing is unreal. I digress. Finally subfloor laid,  Jordon was convinced into hiring a tile guy and not taking on this task himself. My appliances were moved into the living room, floor was laid and we were unable to go into the space for 2 days.
Top left- Appliances in living room. Also see 4 year
old on dining room table which is over coffee table in living
room.... Other 3 photos are simply the mess.....

Now.... I have 2 dogs folks, that use the patio door in this room numerous times a day. A 4 year old that doesn't quit grasp the concept of "No you CANNOT walk on that floor"... "But Mom, it looks fine. Why can't I go on there? I just want a snack!". 2 cats that think their shit don't stink and you cannot tell them where they can and cannot go. This by far was the worst part so far. I hated those two days. My father in law was in town to help and having 4 people, 4 animals in this space seemed almost unbearable.
Nice and tidy half wall tear down.
Night #2- Other side of the wall came down...
Leaves a lot to be desired...
ANYWHO.... Finally everything went back into the kitchen and I was at least able to use it. Cupboard doors all came off next- this brought a whole new definition to "open concept". While I may claim to be clean and tidy.... I am a closet junkie. Behind cupboard doors and closet bi-folds, there is bound to be a mess. A mess I say time and time again I am going to clean out (and usually do about once a year). Needless to say, having the open cupboards on display was NOT okay with me. I spent an entire day (good thing for that layoff after all) going through each and every cupboard, cleaning them out to look appropriate for the people that may see them. Crazy? Probably, but I can't help it. Blame it on my Mom. Ha ha!
Just to show you what my tile was BEFORE
Subfloor goes down.
With help from this ball of cuteness!

Keeping it tidy~!
Checking out the new digs.
Ready for tile!!!!!!!!!!!

Its down and waiting for grout!!!
Looking a little bit more like a kitchen...
"Open Concept"
Hubby took all the cupboards down stairs where he had set up a work station. Him and his father scrubbed 25 years worth of grease and grim (also known as maybe hours of love spent in that kitchen) and then primed them all.  Going further with this process was put on hold as we shamelessly took advantage of our neighbour and good friend Scott who just so happens to be an electrician. He is home for a week a month as he works out west and I can say that he spent a large portion of his week home at our house. I of course did what I do best. I offered to feed him every chance I got to make up for the hard work we were putting him through. He removed our old fixtures and put 8 pot lights across my now expanded kitchen/dining room. as well as moved all the wiring for the wall heater thingys (technical term), moved light switches and put in a new fixture above our sink. It was A LOT of work. A lot more once again than we anticipated. BUT, it looks fabulous. The lighting really brings the room together.
Pot lights are going in!!!
Electrical on the go!
New lights over the sink!
Adding new cabinetry to the space.
So with all of that hole cutting to put lights and switches in, you can imagine there was some drywall work to be done. Well, if I thought that the dust that accumulated from the flooring fiasco was bad, I was really in for it when the drywall work began. Jordon just happened to be discussing the project at work and a friend piped up saying he used to do drywall work. Well, he jumped on that like white on rice as my Dad used to say. Next thing you know, drywall was being done, looking fabulous and I had an extra mouth to feed. I am sure that the job took a little longer than expected so he could continue stopping by to work on it around supper time. Ha ha! My contribution to the kitchen reno has definitely been feeding everyone!
The dreaded drywall!
Last week the new counter was installed. What a difference. I did not realize HOW outdated my forest green countertop (that was in great shape for its age) really was until I saw the new one in. Aside from the fact that it is new, shiny and modern, it is also about 2-1/2 feet longer. Added that space doesn't sound like much, but looking at it, my kitchen looks SOOOOOO much bigger. With the counter, went my new sink and faucet. Sink may honestly be my favorite part right now. It is HUGE. Deep and shiny. Every time I look at it, I see a beautiful plump baby sitting in it. When Kaylee was about 6 months old, she was glued to me. So when I would start cooking, I used to sit her in my sink with a couple toys. She was happy as a clam to be up  at my level, able to see what I was doing and playing. Hence my vision of my new sink. I love it!!!
New counter top is in! Look how much longer it looks!!
This brings us to present day. Jordon is diligently working on my cupboard doors. They look fabulous. Such a change and I couldn't be happier. But it is a slow process. Each coat takes about 24 hours to dry and with limited space he can only do a couple at a time. We are supposed to have the backsplash installed sometime soon. So cupboards, backsplash and paint. I think pray to god that is all that is left to be done.

While I know the end result will be worth it, I am ready for it to be done. As a matter of fact, I was ready for it to be done about 2 days after it began. However, I do give a big shout out to the hubs. He works all day and comes home to work at night. I know its not easy. I know its exhausting and I know it is often frustrating (for him and I both). But... We will get there. Eventually.

Have you taken on any major household renovations? What were your experiences like?

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. We are in the process of trying to buy a house right now, the thought of having to do a lot of renovations doesn't sit well with me. It looks like you are going a good job though. And congrats on baby number 2--- Christopher


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