Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fun!

Hey Y'all!

It's been a while. I have been crazy busy and not sure what to babble about. The last few weeks have been fun and activity filled! I had the wonderful pleasure of... I am going to call it "meeting" Holly and her family. I say this because, while yes we have met before, we were children and I vaguely remember.
When I told her my first memory of her when we were snotty, arrogant teenagers we both laughed hysterically! I digress...

On the road to the apple farm. Ham Bone.
Her and her family, piled into the car and made the long journey to Halifax. They had many people to see and stops to make, however I did get to share some great time with her. Lots of wine, and tons of laughs. Our families are compatible. We are both at points in our lives, where hitting the town to party, is the farthest thing from our interest. Instead, a bottle of wine, a deck of cards and the radio meant a great time was had by all!
Also on the agenda lately, our family tradition of apple and pumpkin picking. This is something I have done since I can remember. As a child, it always meant, heading out to Nanny and Poppa's house, piling everyone into Dad's van and heading out to a farm. We did this every single year. We would run around looking for the perfect pumpkin. As with everything else, Mom had to give the pumpkin "face" a stamp of approval before it made it into the wagon. Nanny would run around with us and laugh. My goodness I can hear her laugh clear as day. 
My Nanny passed away a year and a half ago. It is hard to believe as she was such an important figure in my life. She helped to shape the traditions I now carry on in my life, and hand down to my child. She was truly an amazing woman. Whenever we have a family get together (which isn't very often these days), I usually have at least one person say that I am just like my grandmother. I take that as a huge compliment. I hope I can be as positive an influence on people in my life as she was on mine. 
Anywho, Jordon, Kaylee and I loaded up into the truck and headed to the valley for some apply picking. We have done the same little routine each and every year. We don't do well with change apparently. I had heard about this "super cool" farm in the valley, that had a corn maze and pumpkin picking. I thought about it, however we still ended up heading first to Danial's U-Pick for our apple, which was a blast, and then the Farmer Dill's for our pumpkin picking. 
Kaylee had a blast. She ran and played. Climbed the ladders to pick the perfect apple and then ran around and pointed to each and every pumpkin telling me that was the one she wanted.
In the end, we ended up with far more pumpkins than a family of 3 needs however, Kaylee was in her glory. 
We barrelled back into the truck to head home. Daddy loading up the pumpkins, Kaylee was just buckled into the car seat, ready to hit the road until..... "I HAVE TO PEEEEEEE". It never seizes to amaze me. We were in the little house to pay for the pumpkins, not 5 minutes prior to this moment. The house that has a little bathroom. I took the time to ask "Do you have to pee before we go Kaylee?". She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said "No Mummy!". And yet here we were, seconds from pulling out of the crowded street with a toddler who had to go NOW.
I unfastened her from the car seat as quickly as my fingers would allow me, pulled her out of the truck, pants around the ankles and held her up to pee on the side of the street. Yep.... I was that Mom. You do what you have to do.... I pulled a wipe out of my purse (never leave home without them) and gave her a little wipe. Dribbles on my hand and Jordon laughing hysterically at me, we then loaded back into the truck to head home. We spent the afternoon decorating the front of the house with our few decorations. Kaylee arranged and rearranged about 15 times. Asking me to "come and look" each and every time. I looked down at that little girl and thought.... We are lucky.

So, that is about it around here folks. What have you been up to? What fall traditions do you have?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a terrific Tuesday!

I leave you with this photo of the little miss, who really did NOT want to go to daycare this morning.... I can't help but laugh. 

Cranky Kaylee!

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  1. We went apple picking last weekend too, we went to Noggens. And I never ever believe my kids when they tell me they don't have to pee.