Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Bed.....

This bed was the very first purchase we made after the purchase of our home.

First week in our new home... No other furniture. Just a
great big bed, with horrible bedding and hideous
bedroom decor.
After renting a basement apartment to save money, sleeping on an old grungy mattress, I wanted a real bed. A big bed. So, 2 days before our house closed, I picked one out and had it set to be delivered for the day we moved in.

This bed was worth an arm and a leg.
This bed is 6 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet long.
This bed has shared a lot of love. It was a bed that began with Jordon and I. Our space full of big dreams and hope for all the things the future held.
We have laid in this bed, many a nights discussing our lives.

This bed held our daughter on the long nights of teething, feeding and play time.  

This bed has shared dog hairs, cat hairs, drool, tears,and countless late night snacks.
This bed witnessed fights, witnessed love making, witnessed drunken shananigans.
This bed has since  evolved from a bed we shared with our furr babies, to a white comforter and high thread count sheets that they are no longer allowed on. It has changed the "colour of its skin" countless times however never changing the purpose it served. 

This bed.... Ohhhhh This bed........It seems it was taken over last night. It suddenly became a 1 foot wide space I was sharing with my husband, with nowhere to go. This bed was no longer my luxurious, soft, warm 3 foot space (thats my side). It was taken over by the like of this....

While I was unable to move out of my alloted one foot granted space at 1am to take a photo, this is how she sleeps...
I can assure you it is quite similar to the position she slept in last night... On mine and Jordon's side of the bed.
Somehow she had snuck into our bed. Crawled in behind me and slowy distributed her body farther and farther across the bed. How can one tiny little being take up so much space? How is it possible for that same tiny little being to project so much heat. It is no secret that I love to be warm. I have my space heater going under my desk in July on the "damp" days. But her? She is a furnace... She was sending off beams of heat that had me wanting to rip every article of clothing off of me.
Once I realized what was going on, I crawled over top of her and carefully carried her back to her room. Tucked her in and kissed her. Stumbled back to my bed, spread out in my three feet and smiled. Ahhh, back to normal. I woke to the same senario at 4am.... Sweating, squished up against Jordon's back and once again confused as to how this little monster had managed to sneak back into my bed.
So this morning, I slept in, woke up tired and maybe a little cranky.

Her on the other hand....

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Hudson slept with us from the time he was born till his 4th birthday... I understand the frustration. He is "my lil fireplace" wake up soaked in sweat. Arms and legs spread in all directions. Now because of the grief I went through trying to transition him to his own bed. Poor Boots and Rory have never even tried to spend a night in my bed. It was NOT
    an option! No way I am going through that again!
    Its funny the things that take place in a parents bed (besides the obvious) Mine is also used as a laundry table. All laundry gets sorted and folded on my bed.
    Its also where the kids go for quiet time. "go to my bed and put on a movie"
    Oh and if your sick in my house.... no one can possibly get better unless they spend an afternoon cuddled up in my big bed, snuggled in all my pillows :)

  2. You got fancy WHITE sheets!? That the dogs aren't allowed on anymore?! Whats going on there.. lol.
    Miss those days crawling in that bed in our pjs and watching the cooking network together or laughing till we cry over AFV. Glad to have been able to live with my bestie before the craze of life swept us away. Something we always said we'd do growing up and some of the best memories I have to look back on.
    Your posts inspire me and make me look forward to being a mother myself. Can't wait to share my bed with my own little furnace. Right now Titan is my snuggle man until B gets in. Then without a fight he'll get up and go lie in his own bed at the foot of ours lol.

  3. Beds really can make a home. And I am always surprised how much space little people can take up.