Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life before parenthood...

Morning photoshoots are becoming harder!
Hey!! How is everyone this morning?

No comments on worst gift ever... No more followers on my blog... That's okay, I will pretend not to be upset. Ha Ha!
I have a few little things I want to throw out there today before I get into my main topic.

First on the docket... My friend Holly has decided to create her own little blog. Her own corner of the Internet! So head on over to Happy Happy Happy Holly and welcome her to the blogging world! Our hubby's have coined us... the equivalent of a bromance (bahaha, love this). So I am thrilled that she has taken the plunge to tell you all how awesome she is!

Second thing.. I want to tell everyone, so that I am accountable. I hit up the gym last night. I did the 55 minute RPM (Spin) class. It is amazing how fast your body forgets what working like that feels like. I didn't know if I would make it. Our instructor had us climbing a hill, high resistance, pushing hard. He yells "Harder dammit! Don't give up! It's what your here for! To become stronger! Your body and your mind. PUSHHHHHHHHHHH HARDERRRRRRR!"... I tell you if that man was not yelling at me (and yes I felt like it was directly at my fat ass who wanted to give up more then anything else at that moment), I would have fallen to the floor and died. But... I didn't. I finished the class. I finished strong! I smiled and felt proud. And that felt good. I went home and guess what? Somehow, things at home still managed to get done and all was fine with the world. I had help from Jordon to finish my chores and we even squeezed in an episode of Breaking Bad. The hubs and I are 5 episodes in to the first season.

Before Spin...
After Spin....
Supper- Steamed veggies, rice and salmon.
Finished product.
Alright... I was laying in bed thinking about this post last night. Mostly because I almost cannot remember what my life was like before Kaylee. I know we partied like rock stars and slept in. What does that term "sleeping in" look like you ask? Well... Definitely NOT having a toddler poke you and say "Mum? Mummmy... I am hungry. Can you put Dora on and make me breakfast now" at 6:30am on a Saturday... And feeling like the 3 glasses of wine you drank the night before are the equivalent of a freight train playing bumper cars between your ears... Nope... Sleeping in was laying in bed until the case of beer you thought was a great idea the night before wears off. Yes... Sleeping in was turning on the tv and laying in your jammies for hours after you should have gotten up to do something.
These days, 8am feels oh so good. And if I do on the very rare occasion stay in bed past that, I feel guilty. Like "get your lazy ass up, you have a million things to be doing, not wasting it away in bed!".

Life before parenthood meant my biggest responsibility was the dogs. So getting in the car and going anywhere was simply easy. Grocery shopping took 15 minutes instead of an hour, with begging and pleading for cupcakes and kinder surprise eggs.

Life before parenthood meant, heading to Queensland Beach to lay on a towel and just soak up the sun. No sand in uncomfortable crevices, packing picnics, toys, cameras, sippy cups that just end up covered in sand and application after application of sunscreen (that too just means the sand will stick to those cute chubby little legs). Nope... It meant a towel, a book and probably a nap on the beach.. That was it.

Life before parenthood meant spending my paychecks on new shoes and cute "downtown" shirts. Not cute toddler boots and leopard skinny jeans for an adorable 3 1/2 year old.

Life before parenthood must have been awfully boring. As I typed those things out... I thought, how lonely it sounded. How lifeless, dull and quiet life must have been without paints, sand, kinder eggs and yes even Dora... I love being a parent. I love being Kaylee's Mom. I love that I never know what each day will bring. I love watching her grow, absorb life eagerly, boldly and beautifully.
I love opening my eyes on a Saturday morning, to see those brown eyes that mirror my own, starring at me excitedly for us to begin another day.

So while, sometimes, the tantrums, attitude of a 3 1/2 year old, and early Saturday mornings feel too much to take on.... I wouldn't change it for the world.

What was your life like before parenthood?

Have a Terrific Tuesday Y'all!

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  1. You know me.. lets just say it's boring. lol. Lacking an excuse to wake up early on the weekends except to snatch up the washer and dryer before someone else does. I do enjoy long walks with the dog without having to pack up a million things in a stroller. And being able to do last minute outings to a beach or the movies is nice.. But it's longing for playful giggles and fun shaped pancakes and afternoons at the park. I guess you can say it's pretty lonely to. I can't party, down shots and full bottles of wine like i used to so my weekends aren't filled with all day hangovers anymore lol... I guess you can say all the joys and many challenges of having a baby and raising a little girl is all i look forward to now. 12 weeks to go. :)