Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend!

Hey Y'all!

I hope the long weekend found you well and you are settling back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I know I  had a good weekend but I am certainly not settled in. Ha ha!
Cottage view...
I mentioned last week that my sitter was on vaca and Grampie is staying with us to watch Kaylee. It is awesome! We are so lucky. It does however throw any sense of routine off balance. 

Friday night fire with Mommy/Boating fun/Toby-/Kaylees wind blown face and Momma.

Boating/Snacktime/Playing with Grampie/Fishing off the rock..(peace and quiet)
Last Thursday I arrived home from work and Kaylee was bouncing. Quite literally. She was wound up. I immediately looked at her and asked "Did you have a nap today?". She grinned up at me and happily replied "Yes Momma". Grampie swears it was just a few minutes while he was in the bathroom shaving. I am guessing closer to the 1 hour mark for sure. 

Now, let me tell you.... Kaylee does not nap. She does not nap because she is already a busy child for 12 hours of her day and providing her with even a 20 minute nap results in a few extra hours of energy in the evening. I love my child. I swear to god, more then life itself I love that little girl. But when she was still up and kicking at 10pm..... I thought I might run away and never look back. With hubby, Grampie, and her leaving first thing in the morning for the cottage I was trying to tackle getting everything ready. I had to work Friday which meant organization Thursday night was crucial. Doing that with her running around was exhausting. I was in bed when she was....
When the cottage gives you no shower
water pressure... Have a "Sink Bath"
Playing on a dreary day!
Friday morning I headed off to work and left Kaylee in the very capable hands of the boys (Daddy and Grampie). They tackled the last minute chaos of packing and hitting the road, while I enjoyed the peace and quiet of work. Terrible isn't it? That I was relishing in the fact that I was not there being a part of that chaos. Jordon sent me a message when they arrived, saying the cottage was lovely and the lake was gorgeous. I anxiously awaited 4pm when I could head home, pick up the dogs and hit the road to the cottage. I arrived that evening and so began our long weekend. The dogs were in their glory! I think Lily (our lab) lived in the lake the whole weekend. 
Saturday morning, we awoke to rain. It was supposed to be sunny and gorgeous. I think we all kind of felt defeated. Jordon headed down to the boat to fish while I cooked up a breakfast and got organized for the day. 
After eating brunch, we headed into town to the farmers market. It was by far the nicest farmers market I have ever been to. I simply wish I would have taken some photos. The smell of fresh bread when we walked through the parking lot, had my cheeks watering. It was better then.... never mind I won't go there. LOL. 
Can't seem to get away from the limey stuff!
The fresh fruit was gorgeous. The veggies not only looked incredible. They smelled incredible. Not to mention the fresh pot of chili that was cooking on a stove in the back. Well, I filled 2 baskets. And if there were carts, I probably would have filled that too. I love that stuff. Having fresh local food in my fridge/on my counter makes me smile. (Weird I know).
On the drive back to the cottage, low and behold, the sun came shinning through! Hallelujah!!
Best face in the world....
A friend Jordon worked with came by in his boat to give us a tour of the lake and the day turned out to be amazing! Kaylee was in her glory, the country girl in me was grinning from ear to ear, Jordon and his Dad sat in the back chatting with Jim. We arrived home late that day and I put ribs to slow cook on the grill while we sat back and enjoyed a few cold beer. Our rainy day had turned into the perfect sunny cottage get away day!
Sunday, it rained... and rained some more... We entertained ourselves inside, walked in the rain and when it let up just a little, went down to the water to play in the sand.
Monday morning, we packed it all up and headed home. 
This brings me to my next question... How is it possible to pack so much stuff in a matter of an hour or two (okay maybe three) and it takes a whole day to unpack and get everything organized. Add to that 6 loads of laundry and Monday was over as fast as it began! 
Jordon was off yesterday and had a few things he wanted to get done around the house. Being home with his Dad and Kaylee, and trying to tackle the things he wanted to get done, proved to be difficult. I know Jordon appreciates all I do in a day. I do know that... But I think yesterday he REALLY realized. Is it cruel to say, I was glad he was able to see how much work it is to be home and taking care of things? Maybe so... 
Happiest kid ever?
Needless to say, the long weekend weather stunk. But we made the best of it. Jordon and his Dad did get to head out and do some fishing- even if it was in the rain, we all enjoyed an amazing afternoon boat riding, the dogs were in their glory and Kaylee, well she was thrilled to do something different and enjoy the outdoors. 

What did you do for your long weekend? Did  you get away for weekend or enjoy a weekend at home?

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope its a great one! :)
Kisses for Mommy!

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