Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So, I have started writing a post 4 times in the last week and not been able to go anywhere with it. In fact, I have 4  drafts that I don't seem to have the motivation to finish...

So, I am not. I am going to just leave it be until I am ready to go again. I started this blog just a short time ago and hitting a wall already seems defeating. But I don't want to just write and ramble for the sake of it.

I am trying to enjoy things in life right now instead of letting the world seem too big to tackle.

Therefore, I am just leaving it here. I am still a social media addict, taking way too many pictures and throwing them up all over Facebook and Instagram.

Until the next time... Have a great day ya'll.

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  1. K lets try this again! I just wrote a big comment and lost it at the very end.
    Can I suggest you write next about how you do that Super-Mom thing you do? As in keep on top of Everything. Cleaning, Laundry everyday, organizing, keeping Kaylee happy and entertained, taking care of 4 fur babies, a full time job and a marriage? Living with you for a short time, I've never seen you settle for "Meh I'll do it later". Nope Jaymie gets it done now. With to do lists that actually get done!? From the time you get in, your Go-Go Gadget Moma. So --- How do you do it? Your always full of energy to do it to?! I know you don't smoke so there's a booster. But how bout you let us in your secret.
    I'm guess I'm looking for some advice on becoming a mother and wondering how to stay on top of everything without going insane... And trying to find the motivation to pack for moving in 3 months. I dont wanna do it lol... So let us hear it. XO