Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shopping Carts....

Strange Blog title right? I have a point to it, I swear!

I am a self proclaimed grocery shop- aholic. I blame my mother for always having our fridge and cupboards so full, you really had no idea what was at the back. We never had to worry about having food, and having good food. Always an abundance of fruits and veggies! Add that to my love of cooking, and the fridge and cupboards are always stocked! There is something about opening the fridge to see an abundance of fresh food that always makes me smile. Yes there is a jar of cheese whiz, juice boxes and a package of bologna, but hey, if that's the worst of it, we are doing just fine.

Needless to say, to sustain a fridge like this, I often find myself at the grocery store. When I was on mat leave, I was probably there ALMOST everyday. Now I tend to do a once a week biggy, and maybe a trip or two in the week to pick up random things.

All of that being said... Shopping carts... They are... Well a parents nightmare if you are not aware of the danger. I would go in, plop Kaylee in and carry on shopping. I have been known to let her sit in the big part of the cart as well. That was until the day I saw a child fall out of a cart.

The memory is ingrained in my mind so vividly. Whats worse then the visual, is the sound that came out of the mothers mouth that day. Jordon and I were at Costco doing a little bit of shopping. Now anyone who has been into a Costco, knows those hard concrete floors. They are unforgiving. Unforgiving in the sense that, if you drop an object it will break on them... Also unforgiving in the sense that, when you turn your back for one moment to reach for that absurdly large and delicious looking apple pie, your toddler reaches for something a little too far away and falls. Hitting that concrete floor with enough force to knock him unconscious. I stood 10 feet away. Saw how fast the Mom grabbing the pie and the toddler falling to the floor happened. It was probably a matter if 15 seconds. The horrified scream that came from her mouth silenced the Costco. The Father ran, horror in his eyes. I will never forget this moment. The little boy came to a few seconds later and I heard the parents say they would take him right to the hospital to get checked. I then looked at my toddler, not buckled into the seat. Tears filled my eyes and the reality of that danger became completely real. I was upset about that event for weeks. Told everyone I knew...

Last week I was in Walmart. I heard, I did not see, the same thing happen to a little girl. She was probably about 5, sitting in the front part of the cart. "Knock". It was the sound of her head hitting the floor. She was okay. Crying and a large bump on her head. Non the less scary and eye opening.

Our precious cargo,
do not know the dangers. They are eager to reach for everything and explore the store around them. Do your little one a favour and strap them in. Make sure they are safe... It only takes a second.

On that note, thanks for taking the time to stop by! Have a Theatrical Thursday!


  1. I agree, now that my oldest son is too big to sit in the top of shopping cart, but still to young to walk nice and calmly beside me I find my trips a lot more stressful. I don't like him hanging on the cart or sitting in the big part because I fear he will fall.

    That is why I have started to really like shopping at Sobey's. The car carts are a God send. He can still fit, and I don't feel like I am barking at him every 30 seconds to behave better.


    1. Christopher, I agree! I love those Sobey's carts. As does Kaylee!!!

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