Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My 25 minutes a day...

4pm rolls along... I gather my belongings at work, head out to my car. Weather permitting, roll down all my windows and sunroof. I crank the radio and pull out of the driveway.
There is traffic at 4pm. There are drivers that make me wonder who let them pass their driving test at 4pm and... And there are 25 minutes until I reach my babysitters house, where I can listen to loud music and sing out loud, bounce around in my seat and bop my head. Yep... I am the one that you pass and laugh at....
Because at 4pm, I have 25 minutes to forget about work, not think about what I am going to cook for supper, or the chores that are waiting, or what kind of mood Kaylee will be in. I have 25 minutes of me time. It is fantastic!
I was driving home yesterday singing BRITTNEY SPEARS on a way back playback. Geez that made me feel old. I remember attending one of her concerts when I was 15. I was singing that song like I wrote it. I even stopped and laughed at myself at one point.
I pulled up in front of my sitter Melissa's house, turned the radio wayyyy down and that moment is over. My 25 minutes are gone and I feel lighter. That is my few minutes in a day and I love it.

Have a Toasty Tuesday Y'all!!!

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