Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fire & Water.... And now a little Ice....

For those who know me well... They know I have been known to have a little bit of fire in my eyes. I am bold, stubborn (sometimes to a fault) and independent. Let's call me fire.
For those who know Jordon well, they know he too is bold, driven, stubborn and never backs down from a challenge.He shall be water. Able to put out and be just as deadly as fire.
The two of us have had moments where we have gone head to head, and I literally wondered how it would ever end. Neither of us willing to back down, or budge on what we thought was right. It is our biggest asset in our relationship while being our biggest obstacle. 

We love hard and we fight harder. We are passionate people. 

So it is only suiting that the child we have brought into this world together would be able to put out my fire, freeze his water and trump us both. I am at a loss. 

Kaylee and I for about a week have been going head to head. Trying to find a balance in parenting has been tough. Let her know she can fight some battles, that she is strong and shouldn't back down, that she can make choices. Versus, her understanding, I am still Mom and what I say goes, she still needs to listen and most importantly, throwing a huge tantrum in the middle of the soccer field during your once a week soccer "game" WILL result in Mom putting you under her arm like a football while you kick and scream and taking you straight home. That was Saturday's soccer experience. It was the first time I was embarrassed. While parents and grandparents were there to watch a bunch of crazy 3 and 4 year olds running around the field, my daughter threw a fit. It began with "I don't want to play!!! I want a snack!!! Nooooooo". Followed by flailing herself on the ground. I calmly tried to reason with her. For about 3 minutes. It sounds like such a small number, but it felt like an eternity as her spectacle continued. My last straw was when I said "Kaylee, its time to act like a big girl. Get up please. Its time to play soccer. If you are going to continue to act like a baby, we can go home and you can go to time out". She responded with defiance and anger "NOO AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!". I starred for a minute trying to process the fact that a three year old had just delivered that statement with enough attitude to take on a saucy 15 year old. I said nothing more. I picked her up and carried her off the field kicking and screaming. I was embarrassed that everyone staring must believe I am doing everything wrong to have a child act like this.
That is some serious pouting....

While this is extreme and the first time it has been so outrageously dramatic, it is becoming more regular for her to defy me. Her newest kick if you tell her something she does not want to hear is "You hurt my feelings". She doesn't say it like a sad little girl who's feelings have been hurt, instead like a mad little toddler who hasn't gotten her way. 

 I know I am a good Mom. I know I enforce discipline. I know she has limits and I do not give in. But what on earth am I doing wrong? I can't help but flash forward at what she could be like at 15. She is fearless, and funny. She is bold and brave. She is Jordon and Jaymie combined into a little bubble of fire, water and ice. I love that about her, and it too, may prove to make me crazy.

What do you do? How do you maintain a balance? Letting their personality grow and flourish while maintaining discipline and rules. 

Now, for another picture of this sweet little girl... Ha ha!

Have a Tremendously Terrific Tuesday Y'all!!!

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