Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Calling Myself Out....

Confession... I have sucked at the gym for 2 weeks and 2 days.... By sucked, I mean- I have not been.I can list the reasons for not going- Jordon was sick, the weather was nice for a few days, I instead weeded gardens..... But those reasons are really just excuses. So... None of that. I was lazy and I didn't get my lazy ass to the gym.
Have you every looked in the mirror at the body you call your own and think... My god I am disgusting. Its an incredibly horrible feeling. A feeling of defeat, with no one to blame by myself. I choose to take care of myself, I choose what goes into my mouth, I choose what exercise this body gets. So if this body does not look the way I want it to, no one is responsible but me.
Yesterday I was done with the pity party for one. I left work, picked up my little monkey, did a few chores and then headed to BodyPump.
It is kind of crazy how 2 weeks away from the gym can affect your body so much. Man, I struggled through that class. It whooped me! I left red in the face and feeling like my arms and legs just may fall off. I also left with a smile on my face. Proud of myself for getting back to the gym when I really felt like I didn't want to.
I went home and finished a few more chores, read the same "Hello Kitty" book to Kaylee a few times (it's the new favorite) and then sat down to watch my guilty pleasure- a recorded Bachelorette. I know, I know... Terrible...
Other then that things have been pretty quiet. I am thinking about registering Kaylee for some sort of dance class for the fall. She loves to dance and I think 3 1/2 is a good age? What do you think? I am trying to get her involved in different things, see what she likes, see what she wants to do. So far swimming was fun, however she was easily bored and soccer is awesome but for 40 minutes, not the full hour.
Anywho, check out this cutie patootie! Have a wicked Wednesday y'all!


  1. I agree with Heather!! I dont know anyone who had ever thought you were disgusting, in fact, more so admire your body! Hello boobs!! Lol. I admire your strength to get to the gym when you dont really want to and work your ass off. No pun intended. But don't beat yourself up chickey... your beautiful.
    Bachelorette is getting jucy... I force myself to stay up every Monday just to watch it, then usually end up sleeping in the next morning lol. But its soo addicting..
    And Kaylee is one cutie patootie. She always looks so happy, so much light in her eyes. Your doing something right moma! :) XO

  2. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)