Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Brain!

BABY BRAIN!!!! I have a serious bout of baby brain.... Do I want another baby? Or not? Do I want to go through it all again... Or do I not....I had a rough pregnancy with Kaylee, a lot of scares. I did not have family here and it was tough. Do I want to go through that again? Do I want Kaylee to have a sibling.

The reality is, we have just gotten to a very comfortable place in our life. Kaylee is her own person, there are no diapers, she sleeps through most nights, and we can all get in the car and go when we feel like it. Adding another little person to our lovely little family means, starting all over again. Finding a new groove, a new routine and a new chapter in life. Bahhhh.
She's so darn cute, why not another right?
Jordon is pretty content the way things are, however I know if it came down to it and I said "Jordon I want to have another baby" then he would say alright. If we stayed just the same, he would be happy as a clam as well. All of that being said, I cannot help my uterus from doing back flips with all these adorable little babies people I know seem to be having.

There... I said it out loud- well I typed it out at least. The internal dilemma is making me crazy.

In other news, HOLY HANNA! What an awesome weekend! We could not have asked for nicer weather. I know some people dread that heat and don't fair well in it. I on the other hand love it! Sleeping of course, I could use cooler weather, however I won't be picky. The sun was shinning, the breeze was in the air and I got my tan on!

Friday afternoon, I had to leave work early to take Kaylee to her very first dental cleaning. She has been to the dentist once before to do x-rays, a check up and make sure everything looked good. This time, they shined up those tiny pearly whites! I was a little nervous about how she would do. I have to say, she did awesome! Our dentist Dr. Hovey and her team are phenomenal!!! The patience and care they take is incredible! We only recently started going to their dental center and I could not be happier! Kaylee received an A+  and tons of praise on how cute she was.
Cleaning those tiny teeth!
Saturday morning, Jordon had me set the alarm for 4am so he could head out fishing before the heat hit. The dedication of a fisherman huh? The trip did not end up going as planned as the motor didn't work. Needless to say, by the time he came home, Kaylee and I had gone through all of her toys. We purged what she does not play with. At first, she was not happy about the idea. I then explained that we would take the toys she does not play with anymore and donate them to little boys and girls who do not have toys. Once she heard this, she happily pulled toys she had forgotten were in the bottom of the toy box and placed them in the donate bag. Such a giving little girl. Jordon was still a little sour from his fishing trip gone bad that morning, but he still helped us load up a cooler, towels and toys to head to the beach. We headed out to Shubie Beach in Dartmouth. It was super busy but we had a great time!

Toys all tidied up!

We stopped for ice cream on the way home and then, against out usual routine, let Kaylee have a nap. We had a pool party/BBQ to head off to around supper time and I did not want her to crash and burn as soon as we got there. The BBQ was tons of fun. Kaylee and 4 other little boys around her age played for a few hours. That little girl held her own around the boys no problem. Tough little cookie I tell you. Boys are tough! Rough and oh so darn cute!!!
Beach fun!

Ice cream fun!
Afternoon Nap...
I was designated driver for the night. Usually we opt for a cab when heading to a party, but I wanted to have Kaylee home at a decent hour anyways. I have to say, hanging out with a bunch of friends, in the sweltering heat, when everyone is drinking beer and me drinking water and juice... Not so easy... Needless to say, we headed home with a very tired toddler around 9:30 and were in bed sleeping not long after.
Lily cooling off in her pool
Garden before (neglect, a lot of rain and not enough time)
After weeding...
Hubs doing final touches!
After, weeded and fresh mulch! Much Better!
Front Garden all cleaned up with mulch!
Japanese Maple- My favorite tree. 
Sunday turned out to be another amazing day!!! The sun was shinning and my garden needed to be weeded. Darn thing- why can't it just look good, without the maintenance! teehee! Anywho, I picked weeds in the garden, Jordon added fresh dark mulch, we had a few beer, caught some rays, played in the kiddy pool with Kaylee and then cooked supper on the grill!
Because he's too cute not to share!
Overall, awesome weekend. I really did not want Monday to come. I totally could have used another day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend followed by a painless Monday! Keep Smiling!

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  1. Having another baby is a big choice, I am glad we added to our family. Good luck in deciding. --- Christopher