Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A long weekend that was too long???

Is it possible? IS it really possible to have a long weekend be too long?

The answer is simple... It sure is when it pours down rain for the entire long weekend. Talk about cabin fever. We are a family that likes to stay busy... We like to be outdoors... We like to go go go... I also like to whine about this go go go, but it really is our nature. Anywho, Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope your weekend was great and you had some fun!


Here is a recap of our crazy household.

A great friend of ours, our neighbour- Scott happened to be home. He works out west in Alberta and flies home every 2 weeks. This usually results in a few beers, great food and tons of laughs. We have a ritual each week he is home. Wing night. We go to the same little pub, order their awesome wings and drink too many beer. Scott usually orders copious amounts of fruity shooters and we have an awesome time. Friday mornings are usually rough. Needless to say, always fun! Last Thursday was no different. We left our favorite little pub and headed home. We hung out at Scott's house for one last beer before heading home to pay the sitter. During this one last beer however, we ended up knocking out a few walls. What fun it was! What started as simple chatter about opening up the kitchen to the living and dining room, then turned into sledge hammers and walls coming down. Crazy, crazy Scott for letting these shenanigans happen. Therefore Thursday night Wing Night, turned into early bedtime Friday night.

This Nutella is the size of her...
No we did not buy it.

Saturday... Rain... and more rain.... followed by yet some more rain.... I must say, I am so sick of rain. I heard on the radio this morning. The usual rainfall for the month of June is usually around 60mm. June we dealt with 198mm. I mean seriously? No wonder my weeds are outgrowing my flowers in the garden.... We had a slow morning due to the rain, then we headed out to brave Costco. That place is insanely busy on a sunny Monday, let alone a rainy Saturday. I said to Jordon "We are in no hurry. Don't worry about the crowd, lets just take our time". And that we did. We killed a couple hours (and a couple dollars) at Costco before heading home. Now, whats next to keep a toddler busy. Naked painting. Oh what fun!!! I laid the paper out and let her go to town! Saturday night too, turned out to be a quiet night. We put the Deadliest Catch on TV, before falling asleep. The great thing about going to bed early- is feeling great Sunday! The downfall- waking up and realizing.... it is still raining.

With a now stir crazy family, we knew we needed an activity. Jordon's fishing buddy was taking his kids swimming at the huge pool in the city. I was going to go, but once I realized his wife was enjoying the quiet time at home, sans kids, I thought I would let the men handle the kids and do the same. I tackled some chores around the house, took the dogs for a quick rainy walk and then started on a delicious supper menu. Kaylee arrived home from swimming tuckered out. She would have been happy as a clam if I had let her sleep at 3 in the afternoon, however that was not an option. Kaylee does not nap. If she does, she will be up until midnight. It has been this way for about a year. I kept her very tired little self awake by doing puzzles, colouring and working on our counting. She had an early supper, bath and was in bed, out like a light by 6:30. The weather was dreary- it would stop raining for about 20 minutes, enough to tease you and let you think you could get out, before the skies would open back up. Jordon however braved it. He headed out for an evening of fishing with his fishing "guy". I decided to cook a kick ass ham, sour cream garden chives mashed potatoes, candy carrots, gravy and mixed veggies. I realized 2 things after I had made it all. 1- I had sooooo much food. 2. I appreciate that my husband always does the dishes. We have a rule- whoever cooks, doesn't clean the dishes. Works out well because I love to cook (he does not) and I hate dishes. However with him gone fishing, I was forced to tackle them. I carefully arranged a platter of food to send over to Scott, a plate for Jordon when he came home, a plate for Kaylee's supper the next day and then tackled the dishes. I had a little plate, but it was not nearly as satisfying as sitting down and eating with someone. Aww well. My pineapple ham was delish!!!  

Monday.. Ohhh long weekend Monday.... I could have done without it. The three of us had a serious bout of cabin fever. Jordon was pacing, I had cleaned and re cleaned my house, Kaylee was rambunctious. Jordon decided to clean out his truck in the rain- not an easy task, while Kaylee and I took on mini cupcakes and rice krispie squares. We laughed and played in the process. Kaylee wanted to wash dishes (whaaaaat??? not my kid?!?!). The end results were not the prettiest cupcakes, but darn fun! I would personally like to thank Betty Crocker Cake mix. How one $2.00 box of cake mix can turn into 2 hours of entertainment.
They aren't pretty.... But it was a whole lot of fun!
After the cupcake fiasco, my patience was wearing thin. Kaylee was whiny and clingy, Jordon was hibernating outside in his shed and I was feeling annoyed. The weather broke for the first time that day and we decided to run with it. We pulled out Kaylee's bike and her and I went for a stroll. Oh fresh air, how good you feel, was all I could think. We did a couple laps around our street before heading back to the house. Jordon entertained Kaylee in his shed, while I tackled lunches for Tuesday and supper. I had everything organized and ready to go for 5pm. Kaylee was fed and bathed by 5:30 and now I wanted to sit in peace and quiet... I called my Mom for a little banter and then enjoyed a glass of wine.
This weather... has resulted in....

These duck lips... I am ready to float away...
So, in closing today, HELLO TUESDAY!!!! I am glad for the change of pace- heading back to work today. I think Jordon, Kaylee and myself were all glad to get out of the house. 

Snuggles with Kitty...

Joined by this little monkey...
What did you do all weekend? Thanks for stopping by! Have a Tuesday full of Temerity... Why not? It's a short work week anyways!!!


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  1. I hear you we were all stir crazy too, glad you made the best of it.