Monday, June 24, 2013

What's worse then a sick baby?

So, I have been outta the loop for the last week.... To be honest I feel like my plate is overloaded. Jordon has been really sick. Really, really sick. And what is the only thing worse then having a sick child? Having a sick husband.
Jordon is known for being a slight baby when not feeling good. So when he said he was sick last week, I kind of chalked it up to the usual "I feel like poop" whine. A couple days later, fever still high, him still complaining... Okay, maybe I was slightly worried. Babied him a little... Soup in bed, a cold wash cloth to the head to bring the temp down... Except it did not bring his temp down. Friday, he had to go to the hospital. 4 days of a high fever, severe headaches and whole body ache. They put him on an iv for the day, pumped him full of some drugs and sent him home once his temp was below 101.They said it was viral and that he would just have to ride it out. Saturday morning... That man was on fire. Back to the hospital he went. Blood work, urine tests, cat scans and x-rays. Finally, a blob on the x-ray that showed he has pneumonia. I scratched my head... No cough, no cold symptoms... How could this be pneumonia? According to the doc, the large mass of infection in his lungs is pneumonia and it does not need to be presented as a cough. Alright, well at least we know what it is and you can have the proper medication to get over it. He lazed around yesterday on the new drugs. Side effects of these bad boys... Blurred double vision and dizziness. He stumbled around looking like a drunk old man all day. Horrible. I do feel bad. I mean I especially feel bad because last week, I was annoyed. I thought he was exaggerating, looking to be babied and I was having none of it.
Quite frankly having to deal with him while taking care of everything else was just too much. A toddler, 2 dogs, 4 bedrooms house, working and a sick husband nearly killed me... That being said... The poor guy is sick.... Real sick...
So, that's kind of why I have been MIA. I like to claim that I do the majority of chores in the house. I feel like I do anyways, but while he has been down and out, I realized, there are more things that he does then I have given him credit for. By the time I finished supper, chores and getting Kaylee to bed most nights, I was right behind her. Pooped!
All of that being said! I am back! Jordon is hopefully on the mend.. Still did not look good this morning, but I am hoping we have turned a corner. The up side of all of this, is he hasn't had a smoke in 3 days and now plans on quitting! Yahoo!!! I have never pushed him to quit. I have heard and seen for my own eyes, that someone cannot quit unless they want to. They have to be ready. I sure hope Jordon is ready. I would love to see him give up the habit. We want him around for a long time.
Kaylee had soccer this weekend. I took her solo. She had a great time. Man she has such good ball handle already. (Does every parent say this about their kid?).
We also had some serious snuggle time. I  love those moments, when she curls up on my lap and snuggles in. Not sure if there is a better feeling.
This past week we have started our night time no pull ups. Kaylee has been potty trained since she was 20 months. Super early and super good at it. Bedtime however we could never master. About a week ago she said she did not want to be a baby anymore and did not want her pull up. I was very excited. We encouraged her to be a big girl. This did mean that she couldn't take her cup of water to bed however. She loved to drink he water right before laying down. She reluctantly agreed. So, we have as of this morning, been a week with with no pull up and only one accident!! And she was so upset about peeing the bed. She cried and told me over and over it was an accident. I consoled her and told her it was ok. She was much on harder on herself then I would have ever thought of being. Overall I am very happy with how this is going. Does anyone have any tips on making this process easier?

Selfie... Ya I know I need my roots done...

Looking way too grown up...
Anything better then making your little girl laugh like this?

I leave you today with a video I took last night of Kaylee. She was pooped as her and I played outside all day to keep the house quiet for a resting Daddy. After a day of fun, she asked for her bedtime snack and proceeded  to sleep eat. I was caught in the act watching her. I still laugh watching it. Enjoy and have a great day!

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