Monday, June 3, 2013

What a Wicked weekend!!!

Happy Corona Friday!
Wow Halifax!! What an awesome weekend eh! That weather was just outstanding! I want to start off by saying... I did not go to the gym once this weekend. Guilty as charged. I did spend my weekend outside in the sun, playing, doing chores and having tons of fun!!!

I spy with my little eye....

Usually I like to consider my Friday's, my "day off"... It is the day, that after the end of a long hard work week, I can go home and put on my sweats, leave the house work until Saturday and veg, have a glass of wine and watch a ton of tv that is recorded because I haven't had a chance to watch it all week. I love this time... Me time! So Friday after work, I picked the little munchkin up, we went home and walked the dogs, made some supper, played outside, helped Jordon clean the boat, sat on the back deck soaking up the sun for a little while and then when I could tell she was tuckered out, we went inside to get ready for bed. Usually Kaylee crashes anywhere from 7:30-8:30. Friday however, when I most value that couple hours of peace and quiet, she was having none of it. We would read a story and I would kiss her goodnight, close her door and mosey out to my comfy chair, and not 5 minutes later she would appear "Hi Momma"... I look at her with my most stern face and say "Kaylee it is time for bed...

Cleaning the boat with Daddy!

Please go get into bed if you want to have your friends over to play tomorrow". She looks at me with her cutest little face and says "But Mom, I really want to snuggle with you". Kill me now, if that is not the sweetest thing ever... Needless to say, I caved. I let her crawl into my lap and instead of watching Dateline NBC, I watched Dora the Explorer.

It was after 9 before I finally had her tucked in her bed sleeping. At that point I felt like crawling in my own bed.

Saturday at 5am... Alarm goes off so Jordon can head out fishing. I mumble with closed eyes "if you wake her, you take her buddy!". He snuck out quietly, leaving us gals to sleep for another whole hour. Why is it that even when they stay up later at night, they don't sleep in longer? It just never works!

With a lot to do, I didn't complain as she jumped in my bed ready for the day ahead!!! Agenda- Hammer out my chores, shower, groceries and then home for some bouncy castle fun!

Rib prep... Rub applied and left to marinate in it for 24 hours
prior to hitting the grill!

I had everything completed by noon, and with the temperature already ready 29 degrees, I knew we were in for a great day! The set up was the worst part! I am allowed to say this because hubby took care of the taking it all down and putting it away part. I think it is safe to assume this is worse. However, pulling all the gear out, laying it out and making sure everything is hooked up was a pain in my rear. With the sun beating on me, I was sweating like crazy all to get the bouncy fun up and running. I know I am whinning. I'm done now!
Kaylee patiently waited, watched it blow up in awe and then begged to go and play! I happily obliged! It wasn't long before Jordon returned from fishing and we had company. We had invited a few friends over with their kids. What fun we had! How to entertain 6 children and 7 adults? THIS THING!!!  I only wish I had a photo of Jordon attempting to reach the top, before it collapsed on top of him. I can only guess we were all lauhging too hard to think about taking a photo.
Diva ready for the day!

Momma Diva ready for the

The kids played for a few hours, while us parents enjoyed a few cold beer in the sun. I made BBQ'd hot dogs for the kids and ribs, corn on the cobb and salad for us parents. Needless to say, when 6pm rolled around, the kids were toast. Most people headed home and Kaylee crashed and burned. Again, after all that fun in the sun, I probably could have followed suit. I stayed up and played cards with our the remaining couple until about 11 when I had to sneak off to bed.
Finally I get to play in this thing!!!


Sunday I cooked up a mean breakfast! Nothing like some bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns to absorb the fun of the night before. We worked it off as Jordon and I did a whole house clean. You can only imagine the state of my house after 6 kids running in and out the day before. I have never seen Kaylee's room in such disarray. That is saying a lot. She is a relatively tidy kid (some may say because of her OCD Mom), however with a crew of kids in her room going through the toys, it looked like a bomb went off. I tidied up the doll house, toy box, and toy shelf, before Jordon vacuumed the floors, following up with washing them down. Once in a while he is totally awesome at this!! :)
At this point the fog had burned off and the sun was back out to play, which quite simply meant, it was time for us to get back out there!!!
Jordon cleaned out his Dog House- that big blue shed of his,which he still swears is not big enough, has been long titled the Dog House. Suiting don't ya think?

I think it is safe to say he likes the boat!
I pulled some weeds out of my garden, and then lounged in that sun like it was never going to shine again. Kaylee had fun for hours with a watering can and the hose. Fill up the watering can, watering the flowers, repeat. All the while I fell asleep in the sun. Thats right! Passed out cold for about an hour in that heat. Thank goodness I am not one to burn and my skin just soaked up that sun!!!

Fallin asleep in the sun...

The evening was quiet with leftovers and a little bit of Swamp People. It is one of those shows, the hubby and I watch together.

Sometimes hanging upside down like a
kid is lots of fun! Cheeeeese!

It is now back to the grind! Working and the gym this week hard!!!! No excuses! I am going to be hitting up Spin class at 5:30 tonight to burn 700 calories!
How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

Have an Magnificent Monday guys!!!!! :)


On the lake while the sun is coming up... xo


  1. That slide looks like a lot of fun, and those ribs look like something to die for, yum!

    I am glad you enjoyed your weekend!

    -Christopher (

    1. The ribs were awesome! I wish I had remembered to take a picture of them after they had been grilled. Oh well- next time!
      Thanks for the comment!!! :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I remember seeing the kids down the street with one of those in their back yard, awesome Idea for a kids party. And yea too bad they dont come in adult size lol.
    Looks like life is gooood and nice to see you so happy! Jo aswell in his new boat! Kaylee is a cutie patootie in that lady bug outfit, Love it.
    Loves ya misses ya X