Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rainy Days & Creativity!

Awfully dreary out there today folks... Rainy days are necessary, but geez, they do tend to make me feel tired and mopey. Getting out of bed this morning seemed extra difficult.

That being said, these are the days that are fantastic for arts and crafts (for the children of course :P). It is no secret that Kaylee is a busy little girl. She is not one to sit and watch t.v. for an extended amount of time or sit and do anything for an extended amount of time. She needs constant stimulation. This is a direct result of Jordon and I both being busy bodies. Usually I don't mind at all. On Sunday's when I just want to lounge around, possibly due to one too many glasses of wine the night before, it is difficult. Needless to say, we usually try and come up with some sort of activity to do.

A few weeks ago on a rainy Saturday, we painted rocks and flower pots! It was a something we all did together and we had a blast. It turned into an activity we revisited 3 times in 2 days. I take that as a win any day!I laid out chart paper over the top of my dinning room table, put a garbage bag over Kaylee, stuck everything on the table and let her go to town. The results were some great rocks that add a ton of character, for around my garden, her own flower pot, one for me and then a couple rocks and a flower pot for my Mom.  What are some of the activities you do on rainy days?

It's all about the prep work!


Needless to say tons of fun on that rainy weekend! The results were awesome! Nothing perfect, in fact far from it. But it fits our family perfectly. Jordon sprayed them with a protecting coat,which made them all nice and shiny as well. So after we had these cute little flower pots, we went to Walmart and told Kaylee she could pick out her own seeds to plant. She stared at the large panelled wall of seeds and ultimately decided on Sunflowers. We went home that afternoon and let her plant her seeds. She was so excited to watch her seeds grow. She carefully watered them and stared. It took a few minutes of explaining that they need a few days to grow for her to actually "get it". She looked me in the eyes and sincerely asked "But Mommy, they have ev-we-thing they need to g-wo. Why they not g-woing yet?". How friggen cute is that!!! I explained with the most serious face I could muster "those flower seeds need to rest under the dirt, and if we water them and let the sun warm them up, they will pop their little heads up and start to grow very soon". That explanation would have to do.
Sure enough, less then a week later, these little seeds were growing and growing fast! Each day when we came home from our day at work and daycare, she would run to the window to check them out. This past Sunday, we decided it was time to transplant these fast growing seeds. Yet another project to come from this rainy day activity! We found a bigger pot in the shed, a bag of soil and her shovel. She went to town filling the new pot with dirt. I carefully pulled the baby plant from one pot and put it into her new one. She delicately patted the soil down around it. We now have another plant to watch grow. One to which she has made perfectly clear is all hers!
Personally I think this is awesome! Giving Kaylee something to call her own, to watch grow and the responsibility (as small as it may be) to water her own flowers is a fantastic way of learning. A simple rainy day activity as escalated into something we will be able to share all summer long.

So, if you have a little one, take an afternoon and give this a shot! Some dollar store paints, and flower pots, and unlimited possibilities! I hope everyone has a Thunderous Tuesday! Try and stay dry Halifax!!!

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun, good for you. I am so messaphobic I have a hard time doing crafts.