Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Best Friend....

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce my very best friend. She goes by the name of Amanda, although she is fondly nick named "MiMi" in our household. A name Kaylee coined for her when she first started speaking.
Amanda is someone I have known since before I can remember. Our mothers were friends when we were less then a year old. Pretty incredible right? We grew up on the same street our whole lives. So we like to claim that we have been best friends for... hmm lets calculate- She just turned 28, so lets call it 27 years. I can honestly say, I have not come across too many people who have known someone that long let alone been friends or best friends. It is something special, and something I value more then many other things in life.

Mom's say we are about 3 here.
Amanda and I have had, god only knows how many fights. I mean real fights. I believe at one point in high school when she dumped me as a best friend, (that's how I remember it anyways), and we went about a year without speaking. When we did start speaking again, we were right back to being us. Inseperable, best friends.
We are no doubt about it, almost polar opposite of each other. Her, quiet, soft spoken and sweet. Me, sometimes- loud, sometimes- abrupt and only sometimes sweet. I think this is likely the leading factor in why we are such good friends. While we may be opposites, we both value and respect each other.

Life steered us apart for a few years. I was living life here on the East coast and she was in Toronto. About 5 years ago, she was looking for a change. She packed a few boxes and a duffel bag, and moved in with me. What a year we had. The chaos of being reunited with my best friend after years apart was awesome! We partied hard, chatted for endless hours and cried a few times I am sure. We certainly did not always see eye to eye, but we always managed to come back together and work it out. 

 She stayed with me for about 6 months, before getting her own place, which eventually ended up being a basement apartment right next door. It was amazing. Having her so close for  2 years helped get me through some pretty tough times.
Let's go back to a couple years to my pregnancy. I remember having a banter with Jordon and being upset. She was spending the night and laying in her bed. I crawled in a little upset to vent. I had recently started feeling movements and Kaylee picked that moment to start kicking. I pulled Amanda's hand over to feel. We both started laughing and crying. It was an amazing moment I will probably always remember. Not having any family here made for a hard pregnancy. Knowing that, not only was Amanda living next door, but she was going to be there for my delivery and help me through the days follow was one of my saving graces.
Let's go about 9 hours into labour. Doctor says "Okay, we are going to give you some pitocin. It will speed things along. Would you like an epidural now?". Amanda, "Epidural already?". Insert image of crazed woman, in tremendous amounts of pain glaring at her and through gritted teeth saying "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ALREADY!!!!". Okay so we can laugh hysterically about it now. At the time I wanted to kill her.
Fast forward about 25 hours later, I am coming out of the drugs after my emergency c-section. I can hardly see, and I am just grateful to be holding my baby. My head is teetering back and forth, eyes occasionally rolling back into my head. I have sent Jordon home to see about our dogs and sleep for a couple hours before returning with a few things I needed. Amanda is by my side, a measly old cot to sleep on. A nurse enters to show me how to bath Kaylee for the first time. Don't forget, I am still hopped up on enough drugs to kill a horse. The nurse is being careful to provide detailed instructions. I can honestly say, I remember none of it. I was only concentrating on keeping my head up.... literally.... While I may not remember much of that conversation, I remember Amanda trying to contain her laughter while watching the nurse wash my baby. This too is something we laugh about today.

Amanda became such an important part of our lives once Kaylee arrived. She helped me through times when I truly did not believe I was capable of going on as a Mom. I was exhausted, angry and confused. She listened and offered her support where she could. Those days and her love mean more to me then she will ever know. There were some moments, I just wanted to sit in quiet. Not talk, or do a thing. She would sit with me. That is a special person. 
Fast forward again to Kaylee becoming her own little person. "MiMi". A term filled with love and adoration. Kaylee would want to bang on MiMi's door each time we passed it on our way to the park. 50% of the time I would let her. We would wake Amanda up and she would still smile and entertain Kaylee for a few minutes. I know she loves Kaylee unconditionally and I am grateful for her in our life. 

Amanda also stood for me in my wedding. She was right beside me for the "legal" ceremony which took place in my living room, as well as the down south beach wedding. She helped me into my dress, talked me through a few tears and was the first to leave supper when Kaylee started to fuss. She took her back to the room and told us to enjoy ourselves. Special.... Just special...
High school besties... Jaym, Amanda and Melanie-aka

My 21st Birthday weekend! Love these girls!
Last September, Amanda decided to make the long journey back to Ontario to be with the love of her life. Brian and I did not always see eye to eye. We had a rough start. The one thing we always did share, was our love for Amanda. I may have doubted it at one point, but I now know, that he is the right guy for her. They love each other endlessly and I wish them nothing but the best in next chapter of their lives together...

The next chapter which is here! A couple months ago, I received a text message... "Jaym... I need to talk to you". I knew before she could tell me! "YOUR PREGNANT!!!". Her "Yes, just took the test!". I was excited, happy and a little sad to tell you the truth. Sad for the obvious selfish reason. She held my hand throughout my entire pregnancy, delivery and first 2 1/2 years of Kaylee's life. Being 2000km away will make this impossible for me to do for her,for this next venture in her life. That being said, I am so happy for her. She has an incredible love for this little baby (I am saying BOY), already. I know they will do great together with this little one.

Official announcement to the Facebook world a few days ago.
So, I guess to sum all this up. I miss her. I miss the way we could laugh at nothing together. Full on belly laughs, not knowing what we were laughing about but doing it together. The way we could just sit and watch TV, have a glass of wine or cook together on a regular basis. She is one the most beautiful, funny, and compassionate people I have ever met. And I have the honor of forever calling her my best friend. Because no matter the distance, the time passing and the changes in our lives, we will always be connected.

Amanda- I love ya and miss ya everyday!


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  1. Omg Jaym... you cant do this to a pregnant lady!!.. Sniff sniff :*) ... I miss you like crazy and Im having a hard time thinking about going through this pregnancy without you. I wish i could just run next door whenever like old times. Or go for pedicures and drives to god knows where we end up! But wherever we went we had a blast. I miss that. Its so different in the city here... Reminds me of a few reasons why I packed up and took the train out East.
    I thank God that you helped me the way that you did, you pretty much saved my life... I grew so much from that experience i can't really describe it. How do i thank you enough?! Where would i be without you. I have to say it's one of the best things ive ever done, as hard as it was to leave friends and family.
    I watched you become an amazing mother and admire you for all you do for Kaylee. God i miss her. We really did have a lot of fun together, she brings out the kid in everyone!
    Brian says he loved NS but wasn't quite ready to leave home behind. Now he says he thinks about going back, but doesn't want to live right in Halifax next time :):) I believe we will end up back there again.... Just a matter of it being the right time.
    Thank you for this... You are more of my sister than anything. Which is why i have the right to punch you next time i see you for posting my bloat belly, HAH! It looked cute though i guess... I haven't changed much its just can't really suck it back in now lol.
    Next summer we want to take a road trip while im off and come see you guys and stay in Halifax for a couple nights then drive to Newfoundland so see the fam:) If all goes well! Thank you again for all your love and support.
    Ill end this before it becomes a blog of its own. Love you so much. Miss you like crazy. See you soon :)
    - Mimi