Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little of this, little of that....

I feel like Toby looks in this picture... It is raining and gross and damp and wahhhhhh. Insert Jaymie pouting here.
That being said, it is hump day and while it may rain all week, it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I am looking forward to hopefully getting out in the boat with the family. We have yet to head out in it together. Crossing fingers and toes the sun comes out to play.
Speaking of play. this past weekend, we headed out to the park, as we usually do. This little guy passed us on his bike singing a song. He looks to be about 6 or so. He was adorable with his little backpack and walkie talkie. Kaylee in her usual shy self,(sarcastic tone here), waved and yelled "Hiiiiii, my name is Kayleeeeee". He stopped his bike and came over to play... Check out this cuteness.

They played together for about an hour. He took her on an "adventure" in the woods. I followed behind them as they played and they laughed hysterically while I tried climbing over and a fallen tree after they just ducked under it... Little buggers. Them laughing made me laugh. We had a great little time playing. Not long after his walkie talkie chimed in and it was his mother checking in on him. Cute idea. Giving him the freedom of playing at the park, all the while having a walkie talkie to be in touch. 
I also cooked up a storm this weekend! 
Kaylee's plain spaghetti, sliced chicken and tomatoes on the side.
Better then fried, baked chicken, home made BBQ sauce,
scalloped potatoes and Ceasar salad (home made dressing)

From start to finish- haddock and shrimp in a marinade, taters in
fresh herbs and spices, put on the grill, added to the plate with
steamed broccoli.
 Like I have said before, there is no real rhyme or reason to my "recipes". If anyone is interested in anything here, let me know and I will try and put to paper what I did. :)

Last thing- holy moly I am one proud gal! I have been to the gym the last 6 days in a row. I have been alternating between Spin class and BodyPump. I love both classes! And I ALWAYS leave sweaty and gross. That always tells me I worked out hard and burned some serious calories. Last nights pump instructor was awesome! She was so energetic and really kept everyone going. She said something that made me chuckle and I have to share it because it was just so fantastic! After doing some bicep exercises she says "You feel that sweat pooling at your inner elbow? That's your fat crying!!!". I love it.

After spin... Sweaty and Rosy cheeked!
I do however need some new shoes... I love love love my Sauconys. I have had these for 2 years and they owe me nothing.
When they get dirty, I throw them in the washing machine with some spray and wash. They come out looking almost new. That being said, they have just about seen their day. I need to start looking for a new pair. Any suggestions?

To finish off today's posts... Here are some cuteness photos! Enjoy! Leave a comment and geez, becoming a follower couldn't hurt ya! ;)

                                        Have a Wonderfully Wet Wednesday!!!!

Mmmmm Tomatoes!

Singing in the rain!

"Ya, I'm cute, so what!"
Letting the wild hair loose!!!!

Melts my heart!

Mommy's little helper!


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  1. ooooo you should definitely get Vibram five finger shoes. If you can't stand having them between your toes though I recommend anything with a vibram sole. They're waaaaaaay better for your feet than regular "running shoes". I believe New Balance and Merrell's have some style s with Vibram soles.