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Furr Family!

Hey Everyone! Meet my Furr Family!

Toby, Boo, Nila and Lily
  So it has been about a week since I have checked in! Been a little crazy with this thing we call life. Needless to say, I have been working out hard, cooking up a storm and enjoying family lovins! I will fill you in this week!
I thought today, I would take the time to introduce you to my furr babies. Back in the day, before Kaylee, I seemed to have to need to adopt as many furry, sweet eyed animals as I could. Now... I wonder if I was crazy at the time... That being said, I don't regret it for a second and I love them to pieces.  
"McDonald's Sunday's" as we like to call them in our house.
Everyone gets a bowl of wet food as a treat!
Without further ado, introducing Boo. She was the first addition to our family 10 YEARS AGO! That boggles my mind- where does time go? Jordon and I had just moved to Quebec. We had been together for about a year and at 17, missing home and some sense of normal, I wanted a pet. We happened to stumble upon friends with a kitten and I was in love. This of course is before the boom of digital cameras. To find a picture of her as a tiny kitten, I would have to dig through old albums. Maybe another day. There is however, no shortage of photos of the old gal in the last few years handy on my computer.


 To say that she is a happy cat would be an understatement. She is the most content cat to be a part of a family I have ever seen. It however has not always been that way. The first few years of Boo's life were busy. We lived in Quebec- rural, rural Quebec for a year. Here she had never even heard the sound of a car. A year into her life, we moved to Halifax, getting our very first apartment. It was a big move and one that kept her hiding under the bed for about 3 days. We were on a busy road and the sound of traffic simply terrified her. After some time she adjusted. She was a cranky cat... Known to most as "Bitchy Boo". She growled at anyone who looked at her and would hide at the slightest sound or movement. Over the years as we I, continued to bring home animals, she has gone from being skittish to Queen B. My 100lb boxer will not pass her in the hallway as he is petrified of her. It is probably one of the most hilarious things, to watch him at one end of the hallway crying while she sits in the middle swooshing her tail back and forth. I am sure she is thinking "Cats rule and dogs drool- you big dumb dog". Through all this, she has also become Kaylee's best friend. She lets Kaylee pick her up and cart her around the house. Now, you can imagine how gentle a 3 1/2 year old is, even with the absolute best intentions. Feeding Boo has becoming "Kaylee's Job" as she likes to inform anyone who will listen. Boo also, each and every single night climbs up onto Kaylee's pillow where she stays until we get up in the morning. Needless to say, she is probably the best family cat anyone could ask for!

A Cat and her Girl...<3
 Next came Lily. We were in an apartment that did not allow dogs. We quickly had to find a new place to stay! She was smarter than any other puppy I had ever met. Bright eyed, happy and won our hearts instantly. Poor Boo hid for another couple of days when we first brought her home. She adjusted to life with us quickly and has never left our side. She is, without a doubt a Daddy's girl. She will wait to come to bed until he makes his way down the hall, and should he fall asleep on the couch for a night, she firmly plants herself at his feet or crawls right on top of his chest.

She comes from champion hunting parents and it is clear to see that, given the right environment, this pretty black lab would have made a fantastic duck dog. If there is water nearby, she is in it. I also, strongly believe that she may just be smarter then some people I have met in my life. I am sure that she understands just about every single word out of my mouth. She is an incredible family dog and we are so very lucky to have her.

A couple of years later, I pretty much had to beg Jordon to let me get a boxer. I grew up with a boxer in our household and so they held a special place in my heart. That special place still exists for this big old Bubba of mine. Toby... A name which did not come easily. This freakin adorable pup walked around, without a name for a week. Actually, I carried him around. Ha ha! He was so small and squishy!

 I was at the laundry mat one day, carrying my tiny 6lb sleeping puppy in the basket when the small Asian woman who owned the place came over. I thought she was going to kick me out for having the pup. Instead she leaned over, mumbled something to him in her native tongue that I could not understand and then said "He looks like a Toby". That was it! It just stuck. We joked endlessly about what that woman could have possibly said to him that day, however I digress. He was sooooooo small and adorable. I mean seriously.... If you did not look at these puppy pictures and say "awwww" at least a couple time then you need to come over and let his now ham size tongue give you a good slobbery kiss!
Toby has now grown from a 6 pound puppy to a 96 pound snuggle bear. He reminds me of a bobble head. He most definitely does not have anywhere close to the intelligence of Lily. He is a big, dumb dog that will forever own a piece of my heart. He became fiercely protective over me when I was pregnant. Men were not allowed within a few feet of me. He would simply place himself directly in front of me and look at them. Now, he may be a humongous baby, but at 100 pounds... I certainly would not want to be on his bad side. His protectiveness moved right on to Kaylee from the moment she was born. He loves her tremendously. She crawls over him, pulls on him and he simply and happily does whatever she wants. He is a beautiful addition to our family. I don't know what I would do without his squishy face.

So last year we build the dogs a run in our yard. For numerous reasons really. First, for the last couple years, I was home off an on. The dogs became fairly accustomed to being able to go outside to play when they wanted to. Next, having them in a contained part of the yard, allowing Kaylee to run around and play in the other part of the yard, without the worry of dog poop/pee and all that fun stuff. It is a large dog run with a dog house and bed. In the summer we put a little plastic kiddie pool for them to splash and play in. So each morning, I let them out and they go into their dog run. They get to enjoy being outdoors for the day. We walk them when we get home and then they usually have free rome of the back yard. All that being said, as you can probably assume, they do not spend their days outdoors in the winter or if it is raining. I am not exaggerating when I say Toby is a baby. He is a wuss!!!! One I happen to adore however.

Last up on the docket is my last crazy addition... Nila... You know like Simba's girlfriend in the Lion King... Oh... whats that you say? Her name was Nala. Oops... When I rescued this unwanted tiny little, female, orange, double toed kitten from a trailer park off the beaten path, I thought "she looks like a little lion cub". I believed Simba's girlfriend was Nila and not Nala. A couple months later, my 10 year old cousin looked at me like I had 10 heads and quickly pointed out is was indeed Nala. Oh well, Nila stuck. She is my little misfit cat. She hates men, children, loud noises and just about anything but me. She over the last couple of years has become an indoor/outdoor cat. Sneaking out each night when Jordon goes for his bedtime smoke. She is waiting at the door each  morning to come in for some food. On the rare occasion that she doesn't go out through the night, she can be found on my hip or back. She tends to mold herself to me. She is a quirky little cat but I love her. Do you see a common theme here? I have an incredible love for animals.

All of that being said, you can probably catch me whining about the amount of fur, the daily vacuuming and the constant work that goes into this many pets on a regular basis. The work that needs to be invested into 4 animals is not small. In the years since Kaylee,I will admit, the dogs do not get walked as much as I would like them too. The cats get the occasional "ugh get off me pleasssse" and oh ya, did I mention we have a 40 gallon fish tank. That however is not my jurisdiction. Jordon is strictly in charge of taking care of that bad boy.
I pride myself on being a creature of habit. Taking care of all these furry little babies is a part of my daily routine. Each morning the bowls of food are already measured out and waiting on the counter. Poop is cleaned up daily- this goes for the litter box and the run. Doing it daily makes it a minimal chore instead of being daunting. That is not to say I still do not say "gross!!!" and sometimes curse Toby for the stink that comes out of him.
All in all, I will never own 4 animals at the same time again. The amount of work, while maintaining a full time job, a home, and my family is a lot. The reward at the end of the day for loving these babies is extraordinary. They love us unconditionally and I am so grateful that we are teaching Kaylee not to fear animals, to treat them with respect and the responsibility to go along with owning them.

That's all for today! Thanks for stopping by to meet my furr family. Do you have any pets? Would you do it all again?

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Have a Terrific Tuesday All!!!! 

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  1. oh your pets are SO CUTE! I especially love boo- but then i am a cat lady :)