Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Funk....

Hey Y'all,

I don't know why I love the sound of y'all. I am as far from the southern states here in Canada... But I love it. And hey, its my blog.. So I can say it if I want to! Teehee.

So I find myself lately in a little bit of a funk... When I try and figure out whats bothering me, too many things come to mind.

Do I want to find a new job? Do I want to stay home and not work? Why have I been slacking on the gym these days? Why does it feel like life is go go go go go go go... Do I want to move to Ontario to be close to family? Do I want to move into a bigger/newer house here? Why am I obsessed with food? Should we put Kaylee in french immersion when she starts in 2 years? Am I the best wife I can be? How do I curb my sometimes short fuse?

See where I am going here? I guess the only thing I feel good about is that I am the best Mom to Kaylee I know how to be. I know when she looks at me, she is happy, healthy and the best thing in my life.

As far as those other million questions. Where do you go? How do you tackle those? Do I want to tackle them? Maybe that is half my problem- that I just don't want to deal with them.

I guess I have fallen into a rut. I go go go all day long, and at the end of the day, instead of addressing some of these things, I shut down, shut off and tune out.

Most days, I am happy, outgoing, perky and a really positive person. Today I am feeling a little defeated. I don't know whats next. I think I know I need a change of some sort, but what is it? I guess seeing that little paragraph with 10 questions in it, is a good place to start.

We were supposed to rent a cottage and enjoy a weekend away for Canada Day long weekend, but the weather is supposed to be crap now and is spending that much money on a cottage worth it if we can't be out in the boat enjoying the weather? Not sure. Maybe a cop out on my part. I have certainly been known as a home body. Having the dogs and toddler and hubby, it is a lot of work to go anywhere, so I tend to want to bring everyone to me. Then I can have fun, cater to everyone (which I love) and not worry about the extras.

Anywho... What do you do to get out of a funk? Any feedback would be great. Thanks for stopping by "y'all". Ha ha! I love it!

This is sooooo me....

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  1. I get out of my funk by either, doing something I enjoy to take the edge off of my stress. Or I try something new or go somewhere new so my brain has to process new stimuli.

    I also pray, or meditate. Good luck with your funk, and I hope you have a fun Canada Day.