Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Funk....

Hey Y'all,

I don't know why I love the sound of y'all. I am as far from the southern states here in Canada... But I love it. And hey, its my blog.. So I can say it if I want to! Teehee.

So I find myself lately in a little bit of a funk... When I try and figure out whats bothering me, too many things come to mind.

Do I want to find a new job? Do I want to stay home and not work? Why have I been slacking on the gym these days? Why does it feel like life is go go go go go go go... Do I want to move to Ontario to be close to family? Do I want to move into a bigger/newer house here? Why am I obsessed with food? Should we put Kaylee in french immersion when she starts in 2 years? Am I the best wife I can be? How do I curb my sometimes short fuse?

See where I am going here? I guess the only thing I feel good about is that I am the best Mom to Kaylee I know how to be. I know when she looks at me, she is happy, healthy and the best thing in my life.

As far as those other million questions. Where do you go? How do you tackle those? Do I want to tackle them? Maybe that is half my problem- that I just don't want to deal with them.

I guess I have fallen into a rut. I go go go all day long, and at the end of the day, instead of addressing some of these things, I shut down, shut off and tune out.

Most days, I am happy, outgoing, perky and a really positive person. Today I am feeling a little defeated. I don't know whats next. I think I know I need a change of some sort, but what is it? I guess seeing that little paragraph with 10 questions in it, is a good place to start.

We were supposed to rent a cottage and enjoy a weekend away for Canada Day long weekend, but the weather is supposed to be crap now and is spending that much money on a cottage worth it if we can't be out in the boat enjoying the weather? Not sure. Maybe a cop out on my part. I have certainly been known as a home body. Having the dogs and toddler and hubby, it is a lot of work to go anywhere, so I tend to want to bring everyone to me. Then I can have fun, cater to everyone (which I love) and not worry about the extras.

Anywho... What do you do to get out of a funk? Any feedback would be great. Thanks for stopping by "y'all". Ha ha! I love it!

This is sooooo me....

Monday, June 24, 2013

What's worse then a sick baby?

So, I have been outta the loop for the last week.... To be honest I feel like my plate is overloaded. Jordon has been really sick. Really, really sick. And what is the only thing worse then having a sick child? Having a sick husband.
Jordon is known for being a slight baby when not feeling good. So when he said he was sick last week, I kind of chalked it up to the usual "I feel like poop" whine. A couple days later, fever still high, him still complaining... Okay, maybe I was slightly worried. Babied him a little... Soup in bed, a cold wash cloth to the head to bring the temp down... Except it did not bring his temp down. Friday, he had to go to the hospital. 4 days of a high fever, severe headaches and whole body ache. They put him on an iv for the day, pumped him full of some drugs and sent him home once his temp was below 101.They said it was viral and that he would just have to ride it out. Saturday morning... That man was on fire. Back to the hospital he went. Blood work, urine tests, cat scans and x-rays. Finally, a blob on the x-ray that showed he has pneumonia. I scratched my head... No cough, no cold symptoms... How could this be pneumonia? According to the doc, the large mass of infection in his lungs is pneumonia and it does not need to be presented as a cough. Alright, well at least we know what it is and you can have the proper medication to get over it. He lazed around yesterday on the new drugs. Side effects of these bad boys... Blurred double vision and dizziness. He stumbled around looking like a drunk old man all day. Horrible. I do feel bad. I mean I especially feel bad because last week, I was annoyed. I thought he was exaggerating, looking to be babied and I was having none of it.
Quite frankly having to deal with him while taking care of everything else was just too much. A toddler, 2 dogs, 4 bedrooms house, working and a sick husband nearly killed me... That being said... The poor guy is sick.... Real sick...
So, that's kind of why I have been MIA. I like to claim that I do the majority of chores in the house. I feel like I do anyways, but while he has been down and out, I realized, there are more things that he does then I have given him credit for. By the time I finished supper, chores and getting Kaylee to bed most nights, I was right behind her. Pooped!
All of that being said! I am back! Jordon is hopefully on the mend.. Still did not look good this morning, but I am hoping we have turned a corner. The up side of all of this, is he hasn't had a smoke in 3 days and now plans on quitting! Yahoo!!! I have never pushed him to quit. I have heard and seen for my own eyes, that someone cannot quit unless they want to. They have to be ready. I sure hope Jordon is ready. I would love to see him give up the habit. We want him around for a long time.
Kaylee had soccer this weekend. I took her solo. She had a great time. Man she has such good ball handle already. (Does every parent say this about their kid?).
We also had some serious snuggle time. I  love those moments, when she curls up on my lap and snuggles in. Not sure if there is a better feeling.
This past week we have started our night time no pull ups. Kaylee has been potty trained since she was 20 months. Super early and super good at it. Bedtime however we could never master. About a week ago she said she did not want to be a baby anymore and did not want her pull up. I was very excited. We encouraged her to be a big girl. This did mean that she couldn't take her cup of water to bed however. She loved to drink he water right before laying down. She reluctantly agreed. So, we have as of this morning, been a week with with no pull up and only one accident!! And she was so upset about peeing the bed. She cried and told me over and over it was an accident. I consoled her and told her it was ok. She was much on harder on herself then I would have ever thought of being. Overall I am very happy with how this is going. Does anyone have any tips on making this process easier?

Selfie... Ya I know I need my roots done...

Looking way too grown up...
Anything better then making your little girl laugh like this?

I leave you today with a video I took last night of Kaylee. She was pooped as her and I played outside all day to keep the house quiet for a resting Daddy. After a day of fun, she asked for her bedtime snack and proceeded  to sleep eat. I was caught in the act watching her. I still laugh watching it. Enjoy and have a great day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday...

My work nemesis.... This sits 5 feet from desk.....

Customer gave me the hat off his head. I call that a win!

Little Miss decided to dress herself this morning.

Happy Hump Day!!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013



I try not to have them… They are not a good way to look at life. The most influential teacher I had in my life- my high school drama teacher Mr. Stern. He taught me this. In the highs and lows of my high school years, he often took the time to listen to me. He stopped me in a rant in the 12th grade and said "No. Don't regret that. Learn from it Jaymie. Learn. You can turn that bad decision into a learning opportunity. Grow from it. Do not regret things in life". At the time I did not appreciate this piece of advice as much as I should. I listened of course and took that advice and stuck it in my back pocket. It wasn’t until a couple years later, looking back on the fall out with my family and how I acted that I understood… I could not regret acting the way I did as that would leave me angry, resentful and unable to move forward. Instead I learned from it, grew from it and mended fences that needed to be mended.

This is something I try and live my life by. Bad things happen, I make bad choices and when life throws curve balls I have a tendency of reacting emotionally instead of taking the time to think it through.

Yesterday I ran into someone who used to be a friend of mine. Things ended badly and it has been 2 years since we have spoken. As I have just said, I do not like to regret things… But I regret the way things happened with that person. I have spent 2 years blaming them for the entire fall out, wanting to take no responsibility for my part in it all. Sounds fairly immature doesn’t it.

When I saw said person yesterday, I felt a little pang of regret. I regretted the way a friendship ended and how I handled myself.  I wanted to say "Hey, lets go grab a beer and catch up". But then reality set in.

I laid in bed last night, my mind reeling. I know that I am a a better person today. I know I have grown from what happened. Ending that friendship will however have to remain in one of the few regrets in my life…

That being said,I cannot change it, only grow from it.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Soccer and Date Night and Boating! Oh my!

Holy moly! I need a day off!!! Ha ha! What a weekend! After work last Friday, I was feeling a little burnt out. This is pretty typical of my Friday's. I like to snuggle up and relax with no agenda. Sounds so old lady doesn't it? I picked little miss up from daycare and we headed to the dollar store. I picked up a few nick knacks for Jordon's Father's Day basket along with some new craft materials. We never walk in there without Kaylee picking out a toy. This time it was this!

Too cute not to get for her. Then we headed home, for a nice quiet night. There may have been some pizza, and a movie involved!
Saturday, finally no rain!!! We were up bright and early. I headed out to Spin class at 8:15 in my brand new kicks! They were on sale and I think they will do the trick!! Seem comfy and to be providing good support.I came home from Spin, had a quick shower and then we were off the Kaylee's very first "soccer game", I use that term loosely because it was really a bunch of crazed 3 year olds running around on turf. That being said, she did awesome! I was so impressed. She had a great handle on the ball and looked cuter then any kid out there. I am not biased or anything!
We did however hit a wall. As it was the first game, we were out there about a half hour early to get a feel for things. Being an excited 3 year old meant, she started playing with the ball as soon as we arrived. So just over half way through the 1 hour session, she was tired and bored. She simply looked up and said "I want a snack and I want to go home". We tried to stick it out but ended up leaving 10 minutes early. Note to self, arriving more then 5 minutes early may result in meltdowns. 
Excited to head out to her first soccer game!

Zoomed in on this one to show her jumping with excitment! Too cute!
We arrived home and Kaylee had her snack and a little bit of quiet time while I hammered out a few chores. Then we worked on some crafts. Knowing she was going for a sleepover at my Aunt and Uncle's house that night, she wanted to make the girls (their 3 daughters) each a "present". We worked on a few crafts for about an hour before getting things ready for the evening.
Jordon and I rarely go far from home. We love to head out for a cold beer once in a while, but we usually stay close to home and have a babysitter at the house. Saturday however, my Uncle's girls said they would take Kaylee for a sleepover so we could head out for some fun! Awesome offer and one I could not turn down. I decided to get all dolled up for a night on the town with my hubby!

 While I proceeded to get ready, hubby slaved away mowing the front lawn, back lawn and the neighbours front and back lawn. He came inside, I am sure all he wanted to do was laze around on the couch, but I was having none of it!!! Being the wonderful hubs that he is, put himself together and we headed into town. We had a cold beer with the family, let Kaylee get settled (pfffft, didn't even see me once we arrived- she was off to have a blast with "the girls"). Then we headed downtown!

Duck lips!!!!
We had a few Keg gift cards that we decided to use that night and let me tell you.... YUM, YUM, YUM! It was incredible. The food is to die for, the service is out of this world and my company... Well he was just amazing. We laughed so much my stomach hurt. I truly believe you need that sometimes. You get so caught up in everyday life sometimes, you don't take the time to stop. Love, Laugh and just enjoy your partner. I am so glad we took Saturday night to do that.
We shared a bottle of wine and decided not to end the night there. We were remember, child free for the evening. We left the Keg to make the long steep decent to the waterfront. Man oh man, I did not think that one through... I was wearing my sassy 5 inch heels... Add 5 inch heels to a very steep hill and Jaymie a few glasses of red wine in... Hilarious... I had a pair of flip flops in my purse for a "just in case" situation. Just turns out I needed them a lot earlier in the night then I intended. We walked the rest of the way comfortably and enjoying the beautiful evening. We ended up heading towards the casino. We are not big gamblers. It is just too much money. That being said, we each took a 20, threw it in a machine and had a great time. To be honest, we could have been doing just about anything and had a good time. Getting out and doing something different was awesome though!
It was around midnight, we finished our over priced beers and decided to call a cab. We arrived home to 2 very happy to see us dogs but no sleeping 3 year old to check in on. I have to tell you... My heart was a little sad. I even sulked a little. Going out was awesome, not having to worry about getting up in the morning, that was great too... Coming home and having her not there... Well it kind of sucked.

Crazy how you can whine about getting up and having to deal with cranky toddlers... etc etc. But when they aren't there... Well I missed her.
Anywho.... We slept in all the way til 7:30. Then we jumped up to go get our little rugrat! We were arriving just as they were heading out to watch their youngest's soccer game. We tagged along to watch! I don't know if there is much that is cuter then a 3 1/2 year old on the side lines cheering and clamping for the girls playing that day! Freaking adorable!!!!!
Well, we left soccer and headed home to go out on our very first family boat ride. We have had this boat sitting in our driveway for close to a month but the weather has been so brutal that we have not had a chance to head out in it. It was a little windy, but overall, what a great family afternoon!

Fishing, playing Captain, Snoozin in Mom's lap and taking a snack break!
I know that this boat is going to give us some incredible memories! Brought me back to my childhood in northern Ontario all over again. Being out on the water, with my own child seemed kind of surreal. I thought about Dad teaching me to drive a boat, Mom packing our picnic's and making sure everyone was safe in life jackets and hats to cover our heads. And of my sister and I sitting up front loving every second of being on the water. Yesterday I looked over at my husband, with Kaylee on his lap teaching her to drive and could not take the smile off my face!
The wind picked up quite a bit, so we headed in and went home to enjoy the rest of Father's Day together. Kaylee proudly gave Daddy his present and advised him that she picked it out (slight exaggeration).
Father's Day Goodie basket!
We enjoyed some chicken fajitas and called er a night pretty early. Over all.. The best weekend in a really long time. I feel so grateful for the life we have. Only god knows, the ups and downs Jordon and I have had. We work hard for what we have and while we sometimes don't give as much to our relationship as we should, we know we love each other. This weekend was a great reminder of everything we have and how lucky we are!
How was your weekend? Did you spoil anyone?

Just because this is so darn funny....
I hope everyone eases into their week with a MARVELOUS Monday!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Best Friend....

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce my very best friend. She goes by the name of Amanda, although she is fondly nick named "MiMi" in our household. A name Kaylee coined for her when she first started speaking.
Amanda is someone I have known since before I can remember. Our mothers were friends when we were less then a year old. Pretty incredible right? We grew up on the same street our whole lives. So we like to claim that we have been best friends for... hmm lets calculate- She just turned 28, so lets call it 27 years. I can honestly say, I have not come across too many people who have known someone that long let alone been friends or best friends. It is something special, and something I value more then many other things in life.

Mom's say we are about 3 here.
Amanda and I have had, god only knows how many fights. I mean real fights. I believe at one point in high school when she dumped me as a best friend, (that's how I remember it anyways), and we went about a year without speaking. When we did start speaking again, we were right back to being us. Inseperable, best friends.
We are no doubt about it, almost polar opposite of each other. Her, quiet, soft spoken and sweet. Me, sometimes- loud, sometimes- abrupt and only sometimes sweet. I think this is likely the leading factor in why we are such good friends. While we may be opposites, we both value and respect each other.

Life steered us apart for a few years. I was living life here on the East coast and she was in Toronto. About 5 years ago, she was looking for a change. She packed a few boxes and a duffel bag, and moved in with me. What a year we had. The chaos of being reunited with my best friend after years apart was awesome! We partied hard, chatted for endless hours and cried a few times I am sure. We certainly did not always see eye to eye, but we always managed to come back together and work it out. 

 She stayed with me for about 6 months, before getting her own place, which eventually ended up being a basement apartment right next door. It was amazing. Having her so close for  2 years helped get me through some pretty tough times.
Let's go back to a couple years to my pregnancy. I remember having a banter with Jordon and being upset. She was spending the night and laying in her bed. I crawled in a little upset to vent. I had recently started feeling movements and Kaylee picked that moment to start kicking. I pulled Amanda's hand over to feel. We both started laughing and crying. It was an amazing moment I will probably always remember. Not having any family here made for a hard pregnancy. Knowing that, not only was Amanda living next door, but she was going to be there for my delivery and help me through the days follow was one of my saving graces.
Let's go about 9 hours into labour. Doctor says "Okay, we are going to give you some pitocin. It will speed things along. Would you like an epidural now?". Amanda, "Epidural already?". Insert image of crazed woman, in tremendous amounts of pain glaring at her and through gritted teeth saying "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ALREADY!!!!". Okay so we can laugh hysterically about it now. At the time I wanted to kill her.
Fast forward about 25 hours later, I am coming out of the drugs after my emergency c-section. I can hardly see, and I am just grateful to be holding my baby. My head is teetering back and forth, eyes occasionally rolling back into my head. I have sent Jordon home to see about our dogs and sleep for a couple hours before returning with a few things I needed. Amanda is by my side, a measly old cot to sleep on. A nurse enters to show me how to bath Kaylee for the first time. Don't forget, I am still hopped up on enough drugs to kill a horse. The nurse is being careful to provide detailed instructions. I can honestly say, I remember none of it. I was only concentrating on keeping my head up.... literally.... While I may not remember much of that conversation, I remember Amanda trying to contain her laughter while watching the nurse wash my baby. This too is something we laugh about today.

Amanda became such an important part of our lives once Kaylee arrived. She helped me through times when I truly did not believe I was capable of going on as a Mom. I was exhausted, angry and confused. She listened and offered her support where she could. Those days and her love mean more to me then she will ever know. There were some moments, I just wanted to sit in quiet. Not talk, or do a thing. She would sit with me. That is a special person. 
Fast forward again to Kaylee becoming her own little person. "MiMi". A term filled with love and adoration. Kaylee would want to bang on MiMi's door each time we passed it on our way to the park. 50% of the time I would let her. We would wake Amanda up and she would still smile and entertain Kaylee for a few minutes. I know she loves Kaylee unconditionally and I am grateful for her in our life. 

Amanda also stood for me in my wedding. She was right beside me for the "legal" ceremony which took place in my living room, as well as the down south beach wedding. She helped me into my dress, talked me through a few tears and was the first to leave supper when Kaylee started to fuss. She took her back to the room and told us to enjoy ourselves. Special.... Just special...
High school besties... Jaym, Amanda and Melanie-aka

My 21st Birthday weekend! Love these girls!
Last September, Amanda decided to make the long journey back to Ontario to be with the love of her life. Brian and I did not always see eye to eye. We had a rough start. The one thing we always did share, was our love for Amanda. I may have doubted it at one point, but I now know, that he is the right guy for her. They love each other endlessly and I wish them nothing but the best in next chapter of their lives together...

The next chapter which is here! A couple months ago, I received a text message... "Jaym... I need to talk to you". I knew before she could tell me! "YOUR PREGNANT!!!". Her "Yes, just took the test!". I was excited, happy and a little sad to tell you the truth. Sad for the obvious selfish reason. She held my hand throughout my entire pregnancy, delivery and first 2 1/2 years of Kaylee's life. Being 2000km away will make this impossible for me to do for her,for this next venture in her life. That being said, I am so happy for her. She has an incredible love for this little baby (I am saying BOY), already. I know they will do great together with this little one.

Official announcement to the Facebook world a few days ago.
So, I guess to sum all this up. I miss her. I miss the way we could laugh at nothing together. Full on belly laughs, not knowing what we were laughing about but doing it together. The way we could just sit and watch TV, have a glass of wine or cook together on a regular basis. She is one the most beautiful, funny, and compassionate people I have ever met. And I have the honor of forever calling her my best friend. Because no matter the distance, the time passing and the changes in our lives, we will always be connected.

Amanda- I love ya and miss ya everyday!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little of this, little of that....

I feel like Toby looks in this picture... It is raining and gross and damp and wahhhhhh. Insert Jaymie pouting here.
That being said, it is hump day and while it may rain all week, it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I am looking forward to hopefully getting out in the boat with the family. We have yet to head out in it together. Crossing fingers and toes the sun comes out to play.
Speaking of play. this past weekend, we headed out to the park, as we usually do. This little guy passed us on his bike singing a song. He looks to be about 6 or so. He was adorable with his little backpack and walkie talkie. Kaylee in her usual shy self,(sarcastic tone here), waved and yelled "Hiiiiii, my name is Kayleeeeee". He stopped his bike and came over to play... Check out this cuteness.

They played together for about an hour. He took her on an "adventure" in the woods. I followed behind them as they played and they laughed hysterically while I tried climbing over and a fallen tree after they just ducked under it... Little buggers. Them laughing made me laugh. We had a great little time playing. Not long after his walkie talkie chimed in and it was his mother checking in on him. Cute idea. Giving him the freedom of playing at the park, all the while having a walkie talkie to be in touch. 
I also cooked up a storm this weekend! 
Kaylee's plain spaghetti, sliced chicken and tomatoes on the side.
Better then fried, baked chicken, home made BBQ sauce,
scalloped potatoes and Ceasar salad (home made dressing)

From start to finish- haddock and shrimp in a marinade, taters in
fresh herbs and spices, put on the grill, added to the plate with
steamed broccoli.
 Like I have said before, there is no real rhyme or reason to my "recipes". If anyone is interested in anything here, let me know and I will try and put to paper what I did. :)

Last thing- holy moly I am one proud gal! I have been to the gym the last 6 days in a row. I have been alternating between Spin class and BodyPump. I love both classes! And I ALWAYS leave sweaty and gross. That always tells me I worked out hard and burned some serious calories. Last nights pump instructor was awesome! She was so energetic and really kept everyone going. She said something that made me chuckle and I have to share it because it was just so fantastic! After doing some bicep exercises she says "You feel that sweat pooling at your inner elbow? That's your fat crying!!!". I love it.

After spin... Sweaty and Rosy cheeked!
I do however need some new shoes... I love love love my Sauconys. I have had these for 2 years and they owe me nothing.
When they get dirty, I throw them in the washing machine with some spray and wash. They come out looking almost new. That being said, they have just about seen their day. I need to start looking for a new pair. Any suggestions?

To finish off today's posts... Here are some cuteness photos! Enjoy! Leave a comment and geez, becoming a follower couldn't hurt ya! ;)

                                        Have a Wonderfully Wet Wednesday!!!!

Mmmmm Tomatoes!

Singing in the rain!

"Ya, I'm cute, so what!"
Letting the wild hair loose!!!!

Melts my heart!

Mommy's little helper!