Friday, May 31, 2013

Cupcakes are Awesome and so is the SuN!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

What do you think about my blog?? Hubby Jack did an amazing job! I could not be happier with how clean yet bright it looks!

I hope that you have all had a good week, and are just as excited for the weekend as I am. 30 degrees and sunny all weekend. Can I get a hell ya!!!

<-- Board at work. I change it daily with a word of the day. A small pick me up to keep everyone smiling! 

Last night we had a little cupcake party! What makes a 3 1/2 year old happier then decorating 20 some odd cupcakes? Not a heck of a lot. The result was my kitchen being a disaster, however my little girl happier than you can imagine!
Waiting for the cupcakes to cool down...

She patiently waited while the cupcakes cooled off. Staring at them like they were putting on a show! When I finally gave her the go ahead, she stated she wanted to "Cupcake them all by herself". Oh heck, why not let her "cupcake" them, AKA put the icing on them, all by herself. I must say, she did great! I was allowed the honors of putting the sprinkles on after she was finished with the icing. We of course needed candles, as it is the sweet little girl at daycares birthday. This morning Kaylee, happily toted up the cupcakes to the door, eager to share them with her friends. Trying to explain that eating cupcakes at 6:30am to her, did not go over so well. Needless to say, it was a great activity for the evening! Those little moments are priceless!
"Can I decorate them nowwww Mom?"

Final Product!
 Other then that, we had a pretty laid back night. After I put the little miss to bed, I cleaned up my disaster of a kitchen and realized, I was absolutely exhausted. Oh ya, I was up at 4am... I had myself a cold beer and crawled in bed just after 9pm. I know I put on a recorded episode of "MasterChef", but I do not believe I saw the first 10 minutes. Is anyone else obsessed with that show??? I love it!

It is a good thing I did go to bed early as Kaylee was up 4 times... She has never been a great sleeper, however the last 6 months she for the most part sleeps right through. She had a stuffy nose last night and woke up numerous times calling for me, upset that her "nose wasn't working". 2am or not, I still find it hard not to laugh when she comes up with these comments. 
When the alarm went off at 4:10am... I turned it off and rolled back over... I was soooo tired from not sleeping well with Kaylee being up so much... I know what your thinking... Sounds
an awful lot like an excuse right? Its true... It is an excuse, although one I am okay with today. 
The loves of my life!
The boat!
All of that being said! Halifax is FINALLY getting some decent weather! At 6:15 this morning it was already 17 degrees! This weekend, 30 degrees and sunny!! It doesn't get better then that in my eyes! I am so excited!!!! We recently acquired a boat. By that I mean, my amazingly generous Dad decided that his boat, which has been sitting in storage, he would pass on to us, so it could be used. I spent my childhood summers in Northern Ontario on a lake... The amount of time spent in a boat, paddle boat, canoe or kayak is not measurable.  Dad said "Jaym, I hope that this boat can bring as many memories to Kaylee as you have in Red Rider". Red Rider was a small little red boat that I spent countless hours in, with my Dad. Him giving us this boat, is special... It means a lot to us. It also has my hubby over the moon excited as he is an avid fisherman and before now he had a small aluminum boat. Needless to say, this weekend, the boat, which we have yet to name, will make her maiden voyage in Nova Scotia! Very exciting!!!! We also plan on having a few friends, with their children over Saturday for a BBQ, a few cold beers I expect and bouncing on the bouncy castle! 
What are your plans??? I hope everyone has FANTASTIC weekend!


  1. I love the design! I found you through hubby Jack and wanted to say hello. Happy Friday!

  2. Those cup cakes look delicious!! The new design looks great Jaymie :) I'm glad you've started blogging again.

    Go easy on the booze this weekend :P

    1. Thanks Momma anonymous... I promise not to drink too much... I am currently drinking my water... Body pump in the am????

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  4. Hey lady!!! :) Stopping by from Hubby Jack!! Your blog looks amazing!! I just got mine done up by him too. :)

    You're adorable and I'm so happy to be following along! Can't wait to get to know you! :)