Monday, February 23, 2015

What's in a blog?

  1. 1.
    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
  1. 1.
    add new material to or regularly update a blog.
    "it's about a week since I last blogged"

  • A blogger is someone who blogs, or writes content for a blog.
Well, I think with such definitions, I have failed at having a blog or being a blogger. Last night I laid in bed and thought, man I should get back to my blog. I don't have an area of expertise, like most bloggers, I don't write regularly in order to maintain a reader base, and I don't carry a witty, humorous tone that makes everyone want to come back for more. My blog is simply, an online diary of sorts. An over sharing of my life, that usually borders the line my husband has quietly drawn in the virtual blog sharing sand.   

I don't really know why I stopped writing last year. I had a lot going on, I suppose. Found out I was pregnant only to find out, I was laid off from one job, went looking for another, finally found one, then had to disclose I was pregnant. The chaos of it all, had me shortly there after put off work due to high blood pressure. Ugh, it was crazy. That being said, the end of my pregnancy was fabulous. I felt great, I enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors, and I truly felt like the pregnant cliche "your glowing". 

Anywho, recap as short and painlessly as I can, because 99% of anyone reading this, probably follows me on another form of social media and is able to see my daily chaos. Regardless- here it is.
I had a scheduled C-section on August 21st and was gifted with the most beautiful little boy in the world. He totally and utterly completes me. We worked hard to find a new normal around here as a family of four. Kaylee began pre-school, because god love that poor little girl, she is 21 days shy of the cut off to start school this year. We drove to Toronto for Christmas to visit our family. 2 kids, my husband and I in a confined space for 18 hours 2 ways... It truly is a miracle we are all still alive. 

The new year started out a little bit rough. Our washer kicked the bucket, deciding to take out all of the flooring in our basement with it. Insurance and restoration companies... What a headache. But then the turn. The turn of events that has begun to change our lives dramatically. Jordon was presented with a job in Ontario. This is something I have longed for. I have quietly pushed for it, since Kaylee was born. 
It is an emotional roller coaster to say the least. We live a beautiful life in Nova Scotia. We have spent years making our house, our home. Our home we brought both of our children home to. Giving all of this up, is not going to be easy. It is also proving to be harder for hubby than it is for me. Maybe I can say that because I am still here. 
He has left to begin our life in Ontario. He has started working, in order to build the foundation for our lives. With that, he is sacrificing coming home each night to his home, his bed, his children and his wife. I do not for one second take that for granted. I am grateful for him. I also miss him. A house becomes quite lonely without a partner. 

So, in a nutshell that is the scoop. I had a beautiful baby, My little girl is becoming a big girl, Christmas was fabulous, and WE ARE MOVING HOME!!!

So folks, what's in a blog... Well, this gals blog in just an online diary. An over-share of whats going on in my head. Where I occasionally have to tread lightly as not to cross my virtual line in the sand. One, where I quite possibly write to just reflect on my own life. If I have a few people that read and follow, than great. I love people sharing their thoughts and feedback. If not, than I am okay with that too. Because after all, this is just my little slice of the internet! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ya'll! Til next time!
Family of 4!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter Monday!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Wow what a weekend! It was a big one for us. Having a 4 year old and Easter is kind of a big deal. Kaylee was excited for about 2 weeks prior to this weekend. "How many days til the bunny comes Mum?". I would look down at those big brown eyes of innocence and tell her another week before he would come. I also never once hesitated to use him to my advantage. Telling her he only brought chocolates to little boys and girls who listened to their Moms and Dads and were well behaved. I love having these simple tools a couple times a year. 

So when this weekend finally arrived, Kaylee was bouncing. regardless of her 6am morning wake up, she was still fighting sleep for everything she was worth at 9pm. The kid is a trooper. I mean I was tuckered out. Waiting for her to fall asleep and then waiting a little while longer to make sure there was no jumping up from her. Finally, Jordon and I went to work putting eggs everywhere. When all the treats were hidden around the house, I decided a note was just what she needed to start off the day.  

Jordon and I went off to bed and come morning time, I was laying in bed, waiting for the little pidder padder of her feet. I laid in bed awake almost 40 minutes before the dog finally woke Kaylee up. She ran into my room excitedly. Wildly telling me, with arms flailing that there were eggs! She had been good and the Easter Bunny had come to our house! Seeing her that excited was the best feeling ever. We followed her back into her bedroom, put on her slippers, read her bunny note and then started the egg hunt. 
Sure is a good thing its her last year as an only child!

It never seizes to amaze me how fast it is all over. She ran around the house collecting eggs and other treats I had left out- rubber boots, new sneakers, a couple new outfits (all things she needed I swear) before she realized it was over and then what? Fortunately she spent the next hour playing with her new play dough while I cleaned up and made breaky. 
Look at all these shoes!!
This is what I picked up in one score!

Wayy too cute right?
In other news, so much is changing around our house. Aside from the fact that my little girl is becoming quite the little lady, I also am slowly expanding andddddd we are readying our home for our new addition. I know I have done this before, but in some sense, I feel like it is all new to me again. I picked up the BEST kijiji score last week. Adorable baby boy clothes. A LOT of them. So I spent Thursday night of a long weekend, washing and folding all these tiny little outfits. I don't ever remember Kaylee being so small... Hard to believe in a few months, I am going to have a new little human to hold. 

All washed and folded. Ready for a tiny human.
Jordon worked hard around the house this weekend. My kitchen is now painted! Another step in the process to finishing. We are ohhh so close and I just can't wait to be able to say it is done. So with the kitchen painted he moved on to putting an itty bitty fan in the baby room. There is no denying the bedroom is small. We knew that when we bought the house. Although looking back 6 years our state of mind was slightly different. 22 years old, looking for a bigger space for us and our furr kids, ready to party like rock stars... Ya we really didn't notice the size of the bedroom. Now Jordon keeps reminding me, the room is perfectly sized for a nursery. It is on the smaller size but it is all that we need. He is right... I keep reminding myself. Needless to say, we rearranged furniture in Kaylee's room, found her a new dresser on kijiji, moved the one from her room (that matches my crib) to the baby room and ta da! Suddenly things are coming together.
Looking a little more like a big kid room.

Kaylee's room looks a little more grown up with her own mirror, and the spare room that I have forever called "Dan's Room" because that's where our friend Dan lived with us for a year or so in the early house years, is now becoming a little baby boys room. 
A few toys, a snack, a blanket on the drive
way = "nic nic" (also known as picnic) for a 4
year old. :)

Cuteness is...
Also on this past weekends docket, craft time! I try and let this side of Kaylee have as much freedom as I can allow my ocd messy issues to tolerate. We made salt dough shapes with cookie cutters and when they were ready, I covered the dining room table with paper and we went to town painting. They are thumbprint salt doughs. I am going to make them into key chains for a few special people. What fun we had. It took well over an hour and a few giggles along the way.

I of course also cooked up a great big ham dinner. It was fabulous. Kaylee loves her mashed potatoes, and ham. She polished off her plate like her Daddy. We also made up a special plate for our favorite neighbor. He works out west and is home tomorrow. Thought it would be nice to come home to a home cooked meal in his fridge.
Ham, mashed potatoes, candy carrots, and
Easter eggs of course!

Craft time with Mum.

Other than that, outside play, spring cleaning and finding our new rhythm as the season changes and brings us longer and brighter days. 

How did you spend your Easter weekend? What are your special long weekend traditions?

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a great week ahead!

Until the next time Ya'll!!!! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's try this again!

Hey Everyone!!!!

I started writing a blog 3 times last week. I was feeling icky and gross and they all seemed whiny. Who wants to read a whiny pregnant woman's ramblings? 

So, here I am! Its Tuesday, the snow is almost gone and that feels great! Today also marks my 3 year wedding anniversary, my Dad's birthday and what would have been my Nanny and Poppa's 53rd wedding anniversary. One heck of a busy day in our family.

3 years ago today, I stood on the white sandy beaches of the Dominican, with the people I loved most surrounding me and exchanged vows with Jordon. At that point we had been together almost 9 years, owned a home together, had a child together and everything else that goes along with those things. It was long over due but it was perfect. Low stress, no shoes and a great time.

I do!!!
This day also marks the beginning of the end of my Nanny's life. She had a stroke on her 51st wedding anniversary which ultimately led to her death a few days later. So, this is a bitter sweet day. I can only hope that marrying my husband on their special day will bring Jordon and I as many love filled years as this day brought them. My Nanny lives in my heart and forever will. She taught me more life lessons than I think she even realized. Plus she handed down to me, her love for cooking. She cooked from the heart and I do the same.  
Poppa and Nanny
All of that being said. None of that can take away from the other big part of this day. The birth of my father. My crazy, undeterred, brave, sometimes brazen, loud, outspoken, funny and lovable Dad. I have been told I am a little bit like him over the years and to be honest, I don't think that is such a bad thing. We don't always agree but I know he always loves and supports me. 

Love this man!
So, all of that being said. Jordon and I have yet to celebrate our anniversary. The first one was a bad year with everything that happened with Nanny.... The second year we had company and ended up doing beer and wings. So this year we decided it would be nice to head out and have a nice supper together. Saturday night, my oh so amazing day care provider, as well as great friend of mine, Melissa offered to take Kaylee for a sleepover. I loaded up Kaylee's bag with a couple newly downloaded movies, treats, jammies, and an Easter egg kit and sent her on her way. I took my time getting ready. Having a nice long shower, doing my hair and make up without hearing the "Mom! Mom? Mooom... Mom?" repeatedly. It was lovely. Jordon had a late afternoon nap before getting cleaned up and we hit the road. 

On our way down, looking over at my handsome hubby he says "I know we said we weren't going to get each other anything, and I am not going to get you some mushy card like you want... But if you reach under your seat, you will find a little something. I teasingly smack him because we had agreed no gifts, just a nice night out... I lean all the way over with bump and leaned back seat causing extreme difficulty and find a wrapped present. HE EVEN WRAPPED IT! Jordon hates wrapping and tries pawning his Christmas wrapping off on anyone willing. I am already impressed. I open it up and its an otter box for my iPhone. I am thrilled. I needed a new case. Its pink, its cute and when I start putting it on my phone....... It doesn't fit... I fiddle with it, and then look at the  box again... It is indeed the wrong size. "Jo, this is for an iPhone 5. Your going to have to take it back and get me the right one. Frig". Meanwhile I am thinking.... "dumbass, way to build up for a fail". He grins and says "Oh, well maybe I can help with that" before reaching behind his seat to pull out yet another wrapped present. I know immediately its a new phone. "WHATTTTTTTT". I didn't expect it. I was impressed and in awe of my hubby. He said after contemplating jewelry amongst other things, he thought... What do you use the most. My phone came to mind immediately. Well, I have to say, not only was I impressed with the gift. I was also impressed with the lead up and the wrapping. Good job hunnie. I too have something special for him. I however ordered it online and have no idea when it will be here...I hate that it's late but hope it is worth the wait. I will be sure to show you once it arrives :). 

Anywho.... We went down to The Keg. We generally splurge on The Keg about once a year. The atmosphere is so nice. You are never rushed and can I just say... That warm bread and whipped butter..... OMG YUM. Escargot, bread, steak, crab legs.... It was just awesome. 

We spent a couple hours chatting, eating and having drinks. May I recommend the virgin strawberry daiquiri there. Not too sweet, not too tart, just perfectly delish!  It was going on 11pm before we knew it. The emptying restaurant didn't give the time away, my incessant yawning did. We decided to head home. It wasn't long after, I was curled in bed in my fleece leopard pants (Canadian lingerie ya'll), Jordon's over sized t-shirt and probably snoring louder than I care to admit. 

7:30am... 7:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!! Not a peep until then. That is when the dogs started pacing as it was pee and breakfast time for them. Oh how nice uninterrupted sleep until 7:30am is. Melissa you are a god send and I will tell you 100 times thank you for taking Kaylee for the night. Hehe. 

I received a text that the girls were happily playing and not to pick her up til noon. Jordon headed to the gym and I blasted some country music while I cleaned my house. Pure awesomeness. Loved it. I was certainly happy to see my little munchkin at noon, even given her cranky and tired demeanor from her late night. We hung out together the rest of the day and got ready to take on another week. 

So, there you have it. :) What do you and your significant other do to celebrate anniversaries? More importantly, what would you give to have uninterrupted sleep til 7:30am if your a parent?? 

I leave you with this... My daily obsessions... Can't get enough of it... Work must think I am crazy for my always full fruit plate.  

Mmmmmmm.... Can't get enough.....

 And a little wedding day throw back photo dump! (because when else do you have a chance to look back other than on your anniversary)...
Look how little she was!!!
Group wedding shot!

 Have a Tasty Tuesday Ya'll!!!! And again,



**Thinking of you today and always Nanny- you too Poppa :)**

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pregnancy Woes!

Well, how about that storm Halifax?!?! It was kind of crazy out there huh! I was one of the crazies that had to head into work out past the airport. Let me tell you, driving home just before lunch was awful. I was just happy to make it home safe and sound. 

Roads stunk!
On that note, I have hinted and maybe discussed at a minimum with a few people, that in January, just a few short weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I was laid off from my job. I was devastated. I took it personally and could not help but think about the horrible timing of it all. With my influx of pregnancy hormones, I left my office for the final time, went home and had myself a little cry. I needed it. It felt good. And then I moved on. I took the rest of that week to tackle a few chores that I had on a list of things to do before the end of the month. I clean out everyone's clothes closets, I deep cleaned the fridge and freezer, cleaned out all of my kitchen cupboards, cleaned out the linen closet and under the bathroom sink. Busy work....
Who me? I am not 17 weeks (at the time)
The following week, with a fresh set of eyes and clean house, I set out to find a job. I read articles and forums about whether or not to tell potential employers that I was pregnant. The consensus was I had no obligation to tell them and while they are not "allowed" to discriminate against you for being pregnant, chances are they will. So I opted not to tell anyone. I went to a lot of interviews, took IQ tests (ya- I kid ya not! Answer 50 questions, math language and problem solving, in 12 minutes- WTF). I accepted one job, and by the end of the day I could not get out of there fast enough. What a nightmare. What I learned however, I do not appreciate severe micro managing, ill mannered people (I mean really, what is the sense in being miserable) and not being at liberty to talk. I am a talker ya'll. I am a people person. Do not tell me to sit here, read this and be quiet for a day. Does not bode well with me.... Unless of course, I am curled in front of my fire place with a bottle of wine and a great book.... Wine... Why did I say wine. I do miss wine immensely. I digress.
This face makes my day!
Point to all of that, I did not go back the next day. I very politely emailed the manager and explained that it was certainly not the right fit for me. The job I had interviewed for early in the job search process and actually hoped to get more then the rest, actually called me back not too long after this. They decided to make me an offer and I accepted. So all in all, I was unemployed for 6 weeks. 

Sick little bear this past week...
The perk to it all... I was able to moan and groan and hug my own toilet for the many weeks of "morning" sickness I went through. I truly believe that this baby better pop out a dream baby. After the start to this pregnancy I have had, I need an easy baby. It did help me realize how easy my pregnancy with Kaylee was. For the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy with Kaylee, I only ever felt nauseous when I let myself get hungry. I also never felt like I was about to drop where I was at any given moment and sleep, like I do with this pregnancy.  Holy Moly this kid is putting me through the ringer. Now that the vomiting has subsided,  having a headache for 5 straight weeks has taken over. However, remain positive right? I am trying my darnedest.  

So where does that leave me now.... Well, I still have not told my new employer................ I know right?? I am terrified. I am coming up on my one month mark (tomorrow) and maybe I will tell him then. It is scary. It is a small office and they truly rely on the people they have working in it. Leaving them in peak season of he industry this summer is going to be difficult on them. There is also the fear of, will they find some way to get rid of me before then? So yes, I am procrastinating. Yes I am scared and Yes I know I have to do it..... Eventually.... 

This week, same day... Proud of the bump vs hiding
the bump.... Gotta love flowy shirts.
April 11th we go for our Ultrasound. Hopefully everything looks "normal". I said above the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy with Kaylee were easier then this one. After my 20 week ultrasound with her however, they advised me that her head was small. There are many things that this can equate to. The biggest being downs syndrome. The first time they told me that, they then brought Jordon and I down to a "family grieving room" to wait for a specialist. Seriously.... a grieving room... This began a long process of testing. I had amniotisis... This was a horrific experience. There were about 15 doctors and students in the room to observe. While it was not painful, watching the ultrasound monitor while they stuck a large needle in, carefully trying to avoid my small little baby was frightening. After everything..... You guessed it - it came back normal.Genetic screening- determined nothing. Genetic Counselling- again determined nothing. I had an ultrasound downtown every single week. Each week showing that my baby was in the under "tenth percentile" in her overall size and around the "sixth percentile" for her head size.  Until magically when I was 35 weeks pregnant.... Everything was normal. She was small but all of her proportions were normal. They told me I would likely have a small baby, to expect about 5lbs, however she looks perfectly normal. 15 weeks of HELL.....  The doctors are amazing. The nurses, even more incredible. I just believe that the technology they have allows them to determine even the minor differences. Which can set off alarm bells, as it did with us, that do not need to be set off.

Knowing all of that, I will certainly choose not to put myself through any of that testing, even if there seems to be a "Slight abnormality". My kid turned out to be an almost 8lb baby, healthy, happy and FULL of beans! 

So, April 11th, here is to finding out that all is okay and the possibility of whether or not you are a "he" or a "she". My sneaking suspicion is another girl. Why, I have no idea. After all this pregnancy thus far is polar opposite of my pregnancy with Kaylee. I still think it is a girl. My mother on the other hand is adamant it is a boy. That being said, I, like every expecting mother, wish for only a healthy baby. He. She. It really does not matter as "it" already owns a piece of my heart. 
18 week- pic yesterday... Maybe work
will just notice and I wont have to tell
So, tell me all you fellow Mom's out there.... Is there anything you wish you had done differently during your pregnancy? How about any tips on telling your boss?

Would love some feedback.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a Thrilling Thursday Y'all!!!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Kitchen Reno Rundown......

Happy Friday Y'all!!!

It is Spring (so they say) and I am feeling great. I am certainly looking forward to some warmer weather, cleaning up the front and back yard, and just spending some more time outdoors in the fresh air. I think everyone is looking forward to that. So after yesterday's post, I was thinking.... (No Dad it didn't hurt).... How on earth did I forget to tell you all that one of the things I wanted to (vent for days on)   touch base on was our kitchen renovation. I guess the whole "I'm pregnant!!!!" thing took over and it slipped my mind. Whoops!!!

That being said. How many people have undergone a major renovation lately? I know there are tons of people but my goodness, I feel like screaming from the roof top about it. It is a never ending job. Our "lets just knock out a wall and refinish the cabinets" has turned into a MUCH bigger job than expected.
How it all began....
I have said time and time again, that I may have a slight issue with clean. I like things tidy and well kept. Going into this process, I understood that this would not be as easy as keeping it clean. At least I told myself I understood. We began by ripping down the wall. Of course by we, I mean hubby did the work and I helped with the clean up and threw my two cents in where I saw fit. He is the cleanest handy man around and for that I love him even more. He did and continues to clean up his mess after each piece of this never ending project. That being said, his idea of cleaning up and mine, are slightly different.
What night #1 accomplished...
With the wall gone, it was time for the floor... We had old cracked white ceramic in the kitchen which I despised, and hardwood that had seen better days in the dining room. We ripped it all up to make it a uniform space. Picking out the tile was a night out for hubby and I. We scoured the stores looking for the perfect tile. Finally, last stop, not to mention the store we did not think we would find anything worth while at, I found my tile. I loved it. It was decided! For the next week, the hubby went about ripping up the old stuff, scrapping up the old grout and then laying a new subfloor. This alone proved to be a much bigger job than expected. The dust that comes up from ceramic tile smashing is unreal. I digress. Finally subfloor laid,  Jordon was convinced into hiring a tile guy and not taking on this task himself. My appliances were moved into the living room, floor was laid and we were unable to go into the space for 2 days.
Top left- Appliances in living room. Also see 4 year
old on dining room table which is over coffee table in living
room.... Other 3 photos are simply the mess.....

Now.... I have 2 dogs folks, that use the patio door in this room numerous times a day. A 4 year old that doesn't quit grasp the concept of "No you CANNOT walk on that floor"... "But Mom, it looks fine. Why can't I go on there? I just want a snack!". 2 cats that think their shit don't stink and you cannot tell them where they can and cannot go. This by far was the worst part so far. I hated those two days. My father in law was in town to help and having 4 people, 4 animals in this space seemed almost unbearable.
Nice and tidy half wall tear down.
Night #2- Other side of the wall came down...
Leaves a lot to be desired...
ANYWHO.... Finally everything went back into the kitchen and I was at least able to use it. Cupboard doors all came off next- this brought a whole new definition to "open concept". While I may claim to be clean and tidy.... I am a closet junkie. Behind cupboard doors and closet bi-folds, there is bound to be a mess. A mess I say time and time again I am going to clean out (and usually do about once a year). Needless to say, having the open cupboards on display was NOT okay with me. I spent an entire day (good thing for that layoff after all) going through each and every cupboard, cleaning them out to look appropriate for the people that may see them. Crazy? Probably, but I can't help it. Blame it on my Mom. Ha ha!
Just to show you what my tile was BEFORE
Subfloor goes down.
With help from this ball of cuteness!

Keeping it tidy~!
Checking out the new digs.
Ready for tile!!!!!!!!!!!

Its down and waiting for grout!!!
Looking a little bit more like a kitchen...
"Open Concept"
Hubby took all the cupboards down stairs where he had set up a work station. Him and his father scrubbed 25 years worth of grease and grim (also known as maybe hours of love spent in that kitchen) and then primed them all.  Going further with this process was put on hold as we shamelessly took advantage of our neighbour and good friend Scott who just so happens to be an electrician. He is home for a week a month as he works out west and I can say that he spent a large portion of his week home at our house. I of course did what I do best. I offered to feed him every chance I got to make up for the hard work we were putting him through. He removed our old fixtures and put 8 pot lights across my now expanded kitchen/dining room. as well as moved all the wiring for the wall heater thingys (technical term), moved light switches and put in a new fixture above our sink. It was A LOT of work. A lot more once again than we anticipated. BUT, it looks fabulous. The lighting really brings the room together.
Pot lights are going in!!!
Electrical on the go!
New lights over the sink!
Adding new cabinetry to the space.
So with all of that hole cutting to put lights and switches in, you can imagine there was some drywall work to be done. Well, if I thought that the dust that accumulated from the flooring fiasco was bad, I was really in for it when the drywall work began. Jordon just happened to be discussing the project at work and a friend piped up saying he used to do drywall work. Well, he jumped on that like white on rice as my Dad used to say. Next thing you know, drywall was being done, looking fabulous and I had an extra mouth to feed. I am sure that the job took a little longer than expected so he could continue stopping by to work on it around supper time. Ha ha! My contribution to the kitchen reno has definitely been feeding everyone!
The dreaded drywall!
Last week the new counter was installed. What a difference. I did not realize HOW outdated my forest green countertop (that was in great shape for its age) really was until I saw the new one in. Aside from the fact that it is new, shiny and modern, it is also about 2-1/2 feet longer. Added that space doesn't sound like much, but looking at it, my kitchen looks SOOOOOO much bigger. With the counter, went my new sink and faucet. Sink may honestly be my favorite part right now. It is HUGE. Deep and shiny. Every time I look at it, I see a beautiful plump baby sitting in it. When Kaylee was about 6 months old, she was glued to me. So when I would start cooking, I used to sit her in my sink with a couple toys. She was happy as a clam to be up  at my level, able to see what I was doing and playing. Hence my vision of my new sink. I love it!!!
New counter top is in! Look how much longer it looks!!
This brings us to present day. Jordon is diligently working on my cupboard doors. They look fabulous. Such a change and I couldn't be happier. But it is a slow process. Each coat takes about 24 hours to dry and with limited space he can only do a couple at a time. We are supposed to have the backsplash installed sometime soon. So cupboards, backsplash and paint. I think pray to god that is all that is left to be done.

While I know the end result will be worth it, I am ready for it to be done. As a matter of fact, I was ready for it to be done about 2 days after it began. However, I do give a big shout out to the hubs. He works all day and comes home to work at night. I know its not easy. I know its exhausting and I know it is often frustrating (for him and I both). But... We will get there. Eventually.

Have you taken on any major household renovations? What were your experiences like?

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Thanks for stopping by!